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Chapter 42: Do You Like It?

Ji Shiting grabbed her waist with one hand while locking her chin with the other, forcing her to take his passionate kiss.

The woman’s mouth was open, so he easily stuck his tongue into his mouth through her teeth. He firstly swept her teeth with the tip of his tongue, and then he hooked her tongue with his, holding it at the root and sucking so hard it was like he was going to swallow her.

Ye Shengge had completely lost her mind, and her brain went blank.

The man’s overbearing kiss had erased all her thoughts. His blazing yet forceful smell filled all her sensory organs, which made her shiver. All her strength was being deprived by his kiss. All she could feel was feebleness, and she couldn’t help tearing up, either because of excitement or scare.

What was more terrifying was that she was sitting on the man’s lap, embraced by him. They were completely attached to each other.

The man’s erection got harder and harder as if it was about to attack her at any time.

She was scared, but for some reason, she also had a strong desire. Her hands were on the man’s perky chest, and she didn’t even know whether she should push him away or not, but then again, she didn’t have the strength to do so even if she wanted to. All she could hear was his panting and the sound of French kissing, and she couldn’t even moan.

Ji Shiting was putting his blazing palms on her thighs, yet it still wasn’t enough for him. He moved his hands around, and Ye Shengge was forced to take one kiss after another from him.

After a long time, Ji Shiting let her lips go, gasping and staring at her face.

Ye Shengge finally got to breathe smoothly. She was weak and limp, and her cheeks were flushed. Her eyes looked like they’d been watered, dimming and wet as if her soul had left her body.

Ji Shiting’s larynx was still moving, and he kissed her lips again.

“Um…” Ye Shenggee felt nothing but horrified. She pressed her hands against his chest, trying to stop him from getting too close. Her voice was weak and trembling, “Don’t… Don’t…”

She couldn’t take it anymore.

She’d never expected a man who was horny to be so aggressive that she couldn’t handle it at all. She was either drunk or had been drugged the first two times, so she hadn’t actually felt it that much, but now that she was completely sober, she realized that this was way out of her boundaries.

However, Ji Shiting stopped for a bit, grabbed her hands and bit her lips, kissing her until she got dizzy again.

The woman in his arms was almost unconscious when he finally let her go.

“Do you like it?” He bit her ears, and his deep voice couldn’t have sounded sexier.

Ye Shengge wanted to cry, and her brain was in a complete mess. She was completely under the control of that man, and she couldn’t even move her body at all.

Ji Shiting sneered as he saw that she was about to cry.

“Why didn’t you talk?” His larynx moved again, and he held her tighter, making her feel his desire.

The woman shivered again, and her eyes turned red. She moved her lips, trying to say something, yet she couldn’t.

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