Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: Reality Facts

Qiao Yanze took a deep breath and snorted, “My two brothers and one sister are each more capable than the other. If I really want to interfere in the family business, the three of them might team up and target me.”

None of the four children of the Qiao family were mediocre. Qiao Yanze’s siblings were all ambitious, and they had more or less already divided the Qiao family’s assets. Moreover, they were fighting internally. Qiao Yanze had become a rich playboy after graduating from Wharton because he had no choice.

Because of that, his siblings were very generous to him, afraid that he would stop being a playboy and snatch the cake from them.

Qiao Yanze was a lazy person, and he hated power struggles, so he had never interfered with his family’s business.

“But the situation has changed,” Ji Shiting said calmly. “If you don’t have the right to speak, you’ll definitely be manipulated. Besides, Xiao Ruilang isn’t fully grown yet, so it’s a good time to attack him.”

Qiao Yanze immediately understood what he meant.

He chuckled and said, “Why? Can’t you handle him alone?”

“It’s troublesome,” the man said. “I have a family, and I need to accompany my wife.”

“…So you just want me to be cannon fodder?”

“Many of the Xiao family’s businesses coincide with your family’s. If you can get his share of the market, your siblings won’t be your match at all.” Ji Shiting smiled. “Besides, I remember your Ling Yutong doesn’t like Ms. Li very much. If you can’t have the right to speak, I’m afraid you won’t have a future with her.”

Qiao Yanze sneered, “I’m just playing with her. Future? Are you kidding me?”

“I see.” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow. “Then pretend I didn’t say anything. Goodbye.”

He then moved his phone aside, and within two seconds, Qiao Yanze said through gritted teeth, “Stop beating around the bush! Tell me, what do you plan to do?”

Ye Shengge was putting on makeup in the car.

She needed to cover the birthmark on her face, but she couldn’t make her makeup look too heavy.

Fortunately, there was only a small birthmark left.

Although Ji Shiting had asked for it fiercely last night, he had always taken care of the safety measures, which made her look forward to it.

Fortunately, she didn’t have much hope. She had seduced him last night to dispel his doubts, and to squeeze him dry so that he wouldn’t have a chance to cheat.

However, it turned out that she was the one who had been squeezed dry.

After putting on her makeup, Ye Shengge put away her makeup, and the car arrived at Huayao. The driver, Old Chen, said, “Young Madam, I’ll accompany you in.”

“It’s alright. My assistant is here.” Ye Shengge saw the anxious Lin Qi at the entrance of the building and smiled. “I’ll be down in about an hour.”

Old Chen nodded.

Ye Shengge got out of the car and waved at Lin Qi. Lin Qi saw her and ran over. “I was so scared. I almost thought you were going to be late… Speaking of which, Sister Shengge, you don’t have the airs of a star. When Director Chen announces that he’s the lead actress, you’ll have to bring bodyguards everywhere, okay?”

Lin Qi had only found out two days ago that Ye Shengge had gained Chen Anzhi’s approval. She was so excited that she wanted to accompany her for the audition.

“I’m not a star now. Why would I need to be so grand?” Ye Shengge smiled. “Let’s go in.”

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