Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 427

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Chapter 427: Let Her Remove Her Makeup

“Okay.” Ye Shengge smiled. “I’ll go prepare.”

John couldn’t help being surprised at how fearless she was. He swore to himself that he would attack her if she showed any signs of fear in front of the camera.

He couldn’t help saying to Chen Anzhi, “An, is there really no external circumstances forcing you to choose this girl? As far as I know, your country is a country that cares about relationships and monetary transactions.”

Chen Anzhi smiled and said, “You’ll know the answer later on.”

John scoffed, “Let her remove her makeup. I want to see how she looks without makeup.”

“There’s no need.” Chen Anzhi stopped him. “She doesn’t have any eye makeup on.”

John had never seen Chen Anzhi so protective of a newcomer. He couldn’t help being surprised. “An, you’re too good to her.”

“Because she has the ability.” Chen Anzhi smiled.

He had chosen Ye Shengge as the lead actress because she was indeed talented and smart, which could stimulate his creative desire.

On the other hand, he didn’t mind establishing a good relationship with Ji Shiting since Ji Shiting had called him personally, so… as long as the birthmark didn’t affect her condition under the camera, he wouldn’t be too picky.

Soon, Ye Shengge walked in front of the camera.

She closed her eyes and immersed herself in the plot. When she opened her eyes again, her expression had changed.

John stood up straighter.

There was a saying in the film industry that this was called a movie face. In a film, it was said to be very recognizable and malleable. There were many beautiful faces, but it was rare for them to be recognized. It was a higher level of aesthetics for videographers.

That was why John had looked down on Ye Shengge when he first saw her. Ye Shengge had a beautiful face, and her facial features were enchanting. She was good-looking, but she wasn’t malleable.

However, she looked like a completely different person on camera.

Her face was still the same, but there was an indescribable temperament that made her stand out, so that pretty face that didn’t seem special to John suddenly became very attractive.

Ye Shengge started to move, saying her lines and expressing herself. She had a lot of expressions, and a single look and smile could convey a lot of emotions.

Even when she was calm, you could sense her emotions. Those emotions were hidden in her eyes, her moving eyebrows, and her lips.

John was thrilled and kept adjusting the machine to capture every expression on her face.

“Good!” He kept saying. “Unbelievable! An, you really have good taste!”

This was how foreigners expressed their feelings. Ye Shengge’s performance amazed him, and he immediately forgot about his contempt for her and praised her.

Chen Anzhi smiled and said, “Very good. It looks like you can cooperate happily. Come here, Shengge.”

It turned out that the birthmark didn’t affect her performance, and Chen Anzhi was relieved.

Ye Shengge heaved a sigh of relief.

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