Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 445

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Chapter 445: I’ll Just Quietly Watch Your Performance

“You’ve already boldly proclaimed it in front of grandpa. He won’t let go of it if you’re not pregnant.” Ji Shiting looked at her and said seductively. “What do you think we should do now?”

Ye Shengge felt that something was amiss with Ji Shiting’s words.

However, she could only continue to play dumb. She blinked and said, “Why don’t we fulfill grandpa’s wish…”

“You mean get rid of the birthmark?” Ji Shiting smiled, but his eyes dimmed.

“It’s not impossible.” She twisted her fingers. “I’m not afraid. I know you think it’s troublesome… but we can’t let grandpa have an excuse to separate us. Can you bear to do that?”

Ye Shengge blinked and looked at him innocently.

“I told you, even grandpa can’t force me if I don’t want to.” Ji Shiting said indifferently, but there was no smile in his eyes.

“But I won’t be able to hold my head high when around grandpa.” Ye Shengge bit her lips. “If grandpa decides to separate us, you can’t break up with him.”

The man sneered and walked toward her. Ye Shengge’s heart skipped a beat, and she took a step back, only to be forced into a corner by the man.

He pinched her chin and stared at her. “You just want to get rid of the birthmark.”

“No, I want to give birth to your child.” Ye Shengge summoned her courage and looked him in the eyes. “I know grandpa can’t force you, but I don’t want you to hurt grandpa’s feelings because of me. I’m boasting in front of grandpa just to reassure him. Besides, Xie Siqi can’t trouble me with this in the short term.”

Ji Shiting stared at her serious face and sneered, “Speaking of which, I find it strange too. Why did Xie Siqi tell Grandpa that you can’t have kids?”

“Yeah!” Ye Shengge said. “She’s so annoying! She must’ve tried to frame me because she saw how close we are!”

Ji Shiting lips curled into a half smile.

Ye Shengge read his expression as ‘I’ll just quietly watch your performance.’

She suddenly felt guilty, knowing that the man was starting to suspect something.

“Isn’t that so?” Her eyes widened.

“Xie Siqi is scheming, but she’s not stupid,” Ji Shiting said calmly. “Making trouble out of nothing isn’t her style. She won’t say anything in front of Grandpa unless she’s confident. So, since she confessed to you in front of Grandpa, it means that she thought she had gotten concrete news. That means someone misled her.”

Ye Shengge blushed and looked at him. “Do you suspect me?”

“She said she heard you talking to someone on the phone that day. What she heard might be true, but you were the one who put on that phone call. You know she won’t let go of this chance.” Ji Shiting smiled. “After we met Xie Siqi in the shop, you pretended to be arrogant and rude, which triggered her, so she didn’t ask for confirmation and reported this to Grandpa immediately.”

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