Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 448

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Chapter 448: Haven’t Had Enough, Huh?

Ye Shengge stopped and turned away.

The man had just come out of the study, and he was staring at her.

So he wasn’t in the bedroom?

Ye Shengge put down her hand and coughed, “I… I came to get my pajamas, but the door was locked.”

“Try it again.” The man raised his eyebrows.

Ye Shengge couldn’t figure it out, so she tried to open the door.

Her face was burning, so she had been too nervous just now.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and walked in to find her pajamas.

She took a long time to hold the shirt in her arms, wondering whether she should find an excuse to break the awkward atmosphere. However, when she turned around, she saw the man’s half-smile.

“Why? Can’t bear to leave?” He said with a teasing smile.

“Who said that?” She widened her eyes. “I told you I wanted to sleep in separate rooms with you. Who asked you to suspect me?”

She then rushed out again.

However, she didn’t succeed this time. When she walked past the man, he grabbed her wrist.

She then bumped into his chest, and the man grabbed her waist and chuckled.

“Haven’t had enough yet, huh?”

“I’m not messing around,” Ye Shengge said calmly. “I’m angry.”

“Oh, so I’ve wronged you?” Ji Shiting looked at her indignant face.

“That’s right.” Ye Shengge gritted her teeth. “Not only that, you even put in a good word for Xie Siqi… Is she that important to you?”

“You want to play the blame game and occupy the moral high ground… This is obviously how you’ll act after you’ve made a mistake.” The man smiled again. “Ye Shengge, it’s useless to pester me.”

Ye Shengge was speechless.

“I didn’t scheme against you today.” She refused to admit it.

Ji Shiting looked at her for a while and said, “Really? I thought you had improved and knew how to use information to achieve your goals. Seems like I’ve overestimated you.”

Ye Shengge was dumbfounded.

She asked carefully, “If… I mean if Xie Siqi was indeed used by me. Wouldn’t you think I’m too scheming?”

“How is that considered skimming?” The man sneered. “It’s just being smart.”

That’s right. How could that man take her thoughts seriously?

“Or rather, I find everything you do cute.” He smiled and said gently.

Ye Shengge blushed.

“Are you going to admit it now?” His eyes glinted.

“No.” Ye Shengge turned around and refused to admit it.

Ji Shiting looked down and nibbled her ear. Ye Shengge gasped, but she didn’t struggle. By the time the man let her go, he had left bite marks on her earlobe.

“Do you really want to give birth to my child that much?” The man said. “Or do you just want to get rid of the birthmark?”

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered, and she was about to answer him, but she suddenly realized that she had almost been tricked again!

“I didn’t. I’ve given up on that idea after talking to you that day.” Her eyes widened. “Didn’t I say it was all Xie Siqi’s fault? It had nothing to do with me.”

In any case, she couldn’t admit it, otherwise, it would be difficult to carry out her plan.

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