Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 451

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Chapter 451: I’ll Help You

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and bit her lips.

The man who had been set on fire was terrifying. Before long, he tore off Ye Shengge’s thin nightdress.

She couldn’t help feeling lucky that Sister Xiu had prepared many similar pajamas.

The man kept kissing her, and Ye Shengge couldn’t help frowning. To the man, it was like inviting him in.

Ji Shiting’s throat was burning. He held the bed with one hand and opened the drawer to reach for a condom with the other.

However, he frowned a few seconds later.

Ye Shengge came back to reality and blinked. She saw his dark eyes and realized something. “That’s all?”

Ji Shiting immediately suspected her.

“Did you do it on purpose?”

Ye Shengge was dazed, and her chest heaved. “You were the one who used it last time and didn’t have time to replenish it. How dare you blame me!”

She really hadn’t done anything.

However, this was exactly what she wanted.

The woman was livid, and the blush on her face made her look more delicious.

Ji Shiting bit her face, which made Ye Shengge complain.

“I’ll ask Sister Xiu to buy it,” the man said hoarsely.

“Do you believe… Sister Xiu can only get it tomorrow morning?” Ye Shengge blinked, suspecting that Sister Xiu had gotten rid of the condom.

Ji Shiting snorted, picked up his phone and said, “I’ll call Feng Jing.”

Ye Shengge grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t! Isn’t it too much to ask your subordinates to buy you that in the middle of the night? Perhaps he’s busy now.”

Ji Shiting stared at her and said, “Then we won’t do it anymore?”

“It’s not necessary…” Ye Shengge blinked and suggested. At the most, you can pull out at the last moment…”

He had done this before.

Ji Shiting said, “No, it’s not safe.”

Ye Shengge stopped talking and looked at him innocently as if she was accusing him of not letting her be satisfied.

Ji Shiting’s handsome face was tense. A man who couldn’t get rid of his desire was like a violent lion, especially when the woman’s eyes were challenging his instincts as a man.

He suddenly covered her eyes and said, “Sleep!”

He then lay down beside her.

Ye Shengge was dazed, and she suddenly felt sour.

The man was so firm. Was it really as he said? He didn’t want her to be hurt at all, so he didn’t want her to remember what had happened in the past.

However, on the other hand, it also meant that it would be difficult for her to achieve her goal.

He turned off the bedside lamp, and the room fell into darkness, but the man’s heavy breathing could still be heard.

Ye Shengge moved closer to him and touched his burning body.

Ji Shiting grabbed her wrist and said, “Stay away from me!”

He probably thought she was still trying to seduce him.

“I’ll help you,” she said as she felt around with her hands.

A few seconds later, the man’s body tensed up…

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