Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 455

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Chapter 455: She Seems Angry

Ye Shengge’s heart sank, and she immediately called Ji Shiting. However, the phone went dead after a minute.

Ye Shengge’s mind went blank.

Oh no!

It seemed that he thought she had exposed the photos to force him to compromise.

Although what she had planned to do had nothing to do with her!

Ye Shengge bit her lips and called Ji Shiting again, but the phone was hung up after a few rings.

It seemed that he really thought it was her doing.

Ye Shengge held her phone, not knowing whether she should be angry or sad.

Okay, she had a record of scheming, so it was understandable that he had doubts, but… he should at least give her a chance to defend herself, right? She didn’t even pick up the phone?

Ye Shengge turned off the phone and handed it back to Lin Qi. “Hold it for me. I need to go film.”

“Sister Shengge, Mr. Ji…”

“Don’t mention him!”

Lin Qi had to shut up and follow Ye Shengge out of the lounge.

However, she turned on Ye Shengge’s phone.

All the crew members had seen the photos online, so they all looked at her differently.

However, Ye Shengge couldn’t care less.

Xu Xiangjie was talking to the cameraman when he saw her. He immediately walked toward her.

“How is it? Can you handle it?” He asked.

“I can handle it. Don’t worry.” Ye Shengge smiled. “It’s going to be the last scene soon, right? When can we shoot?”

“Let’s wait another hour.” Xu Xiangjie smiled. “We’re almost done. It’s been hard on you these past few months.”

“You’re the one who’s working hard,” Ye Shengge said sincerely.

Although Xu Xiangjie was smart and slick, he was still a responsible director. The crew was doing well thanks to his arrangements, so she was willing to cooperate with Xu Xiangjie again if there was a chance.

“I don’t think I’ll have to worry about anything for the rest of my life with that praise of yours,” Xu Xiangjie said. “Go prepare yourself and get into character. I’ll come to you when filming starts.”

Ye Shengge nodded, found an empty seat, took out the script and started to watch the last scene.

Lin Qi poured her a cup of hot water.

After a while, she suddenly felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. She was shocked, took a few steps back and took out her phone.

Lin Qi’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the name ‘Ji Shiting’.

She swallowed hard and picked it up.

“It’s me, Mr. Ji. Sister Shengge is reading the script,” Lin Qi said before the man could say anything. “She… She called you two times, but you didn’t pick up. She seems pissed.”

“Mm.” The man’s voice was deep and hoarse. “Don’t tell her first.”

“Okay, okay,” Lin Qi answered.

Ye Shengge knew nothing about all of these comments.

She forced herself to forget all her thoughts and enter Xue Ning’s world.

An hour later, her last scene officially started.

Xu Xiangjie was instructing all the actors and staff. After everyone was in position, he yelled, “Action!”

Only a few staff members who weren’t busy noticed several bodyguards in black walking into the set.

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