Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 456

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Chapter 456: Looking affectionately at her nonexistent lover

Xu Xiangjie stood in front of the camera and watched the actors’ performances, nodding in satisfaction.

At that moment, he suddenly felt something strange.

He turned around and saw the man’s cold side profile. He almost jumped up, but in the next second, the man grabbed him and said, “Don’t be distracted.”

Xu Xiangjie nodded and focused his attention back on the set.

Unfortunately, Ji Shiting’s presence was too strong, and it was difficult not to be distracted. Almost all the cast members who weren’t in the show focused on him, but no one dared to say anything.

Lin Qi also saw Ji Shiting, and her heart pounded again. No wonder Mr. Ji didn’t want her to tell Sister Shengge about the phone call. It turned out that he wanted to give Sister Shengge a surprise!

How romantic! She was going to stand with this couple forever!

Ye Shengge was immersed in Xue Ning’s world and didn’t know what had happened on set.

The last scene was Xue Ning, who had been in charge of the government for several years, returning it to the emperor, which was her son.

Her emotions were complicated. She hated power and was reluctant to part with it. She knew that once she handed it over, she would be an old woman waiting to die in the palace. However, if she didn’t hand over the power, the emperor wouldn’t let it go. If the two of them fought, it would affect the political situation and the country.

Thus, she made this decision in the end, but what she didn’t know was that the emperor had wanted to kill her. The moment she handed over her power, the emperor, who was afraid that she wouldn’t give up, prepared a poisoned wine and handed it to her.

She had been suspicious when she had received the poisoned wine, but when she recalled the days when she and her son had relied on each other in the palace, she had felt that the emperor wouldn’t be so heartless. Unfortunately, she had underestimated the emperor’s ruthlessness. The poison wine started to flare up the moment it entered her throat. She knew she couldn’t make it anymore. Before she died, she recalled her life, the old emperor, and Lord Yuxiu, who had been eliminated by the emperor. She finally came to a realization—the story stopped here.

When Ji Shiting arrived, he saw Xue Ning drinking poisoned wine.

She grabbed the collar of her gown with one hand, and she was losing strength. The young emperor seemed to regret it and tried to help her, but she pushed him away.

She turned around as if she wanted to escape from the palace that had trapped her forever.

She seemed to look into space, and she had a complicated smile on her face that looked like she was crying and laughing. Her eyes were no longer as innocent as when she was young, but at that moment, her eyes that were gradually turning cloudy suddenly showed the joy of a girl. It was as if she finally understood that the power she had pursued all her life was fleeting. Only that love was the only thing she had in her life.

She saw Ji Shiting standing there.

However, she didn’t see him at all. Tears flowed out of her eyes as she looked at her non-existent lover with regret and joy. She then extended her hand.

Ji Shiting stared at her and suddenly felt as if he had received a vicious blow to his heart.

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