Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 474

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Chapter 474: I Seem To Have Slept For A Long Time

“What did Xiao Ruilang say to you?” Ji Shiting hugged her and asked.

Ye Shengge closed her eyes and felt weak, but she still answered, “He said he saw me before… And he said he wanted to thank me.”

Ji Shiting’s eyes dimmed.

Xiao Ruilang couldn’t have interacted with the innocent Ye Shengge, let alone be grateful to her.

Unless… it was really as Gu Yimo suspected.

Had Xiao Ruilang also guessed something, which was why he had drugged her?

“Mm.” After a while, he stroked her hair and said, “I understand. Go to sleep.”

Ye Shengge blinked, and the bitterness in her heart intensified.

It was really different. If it were before, he would’ve definitely ordered her to ignore Xiao Ruilang.

She would rather he be like before. Even if his bossiness and unreasonable behavior made her suffer, at least… it made her feel that she was important to him.

Ye Shengge suddenly felt exhausted. She closed her eyes and didn’t say anything. She looked like she had fallen asleep.

Ji Shiting looked at her sleeping face and had mixed emotions.

Since she didn’t remember everything that had happened before she was nine years old, she hoped that she would never remember it.

Ji Shiting woke up in the middle of the night.

He had always been very alert. Even in his sleep, he would immediately wake up if there was any commotion outside. However, today, he woke up without any reason.

The room was silent, and the only thing wrong was…

His arms were empty, and so was the bed beside him.

Ji Shiting’s heart sank. He sat up and turned on the light.

The woman was standing in front of the window with her back facing him. She was wearing a robe, and she looked very slender.

Ji Shiting suddenly had a strange feeling.

He got out of bed, put on his robe and said, “Shengge.”

His voice was extremely soft.

After a while, the woman finally turned around with a strange look on her face.

“Who are you?” Her tone was soft and innocent, like a little girl who didn’t know anything about the world, but her bright eyes were filled with indescribable evil.

Ji Shiting calmed himself down.

“I’m her husband,” Ji Shiting said as he stared into her eyes.

“Her.” The woman said. “You’re smart. You know I’m different from her.”

She then licked her lips and smiled. “I think I… slept for a long time.”

“Yes.” Ji Shiting walked toward her. “So you can continue sleeping.”

“But she needs me.” Her voice was soft, but her tone was matter-of-fact.

“No, she has me now,” Ji Shiting said. “She doesn’t need you anymore.”

“I wouldn’t have come out if she didn’t need me,” said the woman. “I’ll come out every time she’s afraid, guilty, and upset.”

Afraid, guilty, upset.

Ji Shiting suddenly clenched his fist as he recalled how pale and resistant the woman had been before sleeping.

What had he overlooked?

“It’s not that she needs you, but you’re using her,” Ji Shiting said. “You’ll scare her.”

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