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Chapter 48: I’m the Junior and You’re the Senior

On the next day, Ye Shengge came to the scene early, however, she didn’t expect Mu Xiaoya, who was always pretentious, to have come before her and greeted everyone on the scene. She had even prepared water and desserts to the staffers, earning herself lots of praise.

She immediately laughed and greeted Ye Shengge as she walked in.

“Here you are, big sister Shengge.” Mu Xiaoya’s voice couldn’t have been gentler. “Give your things to me. I’ll help you bring them to the makeup room.”

Ye Shengge lifted her eyebrows, and Lin Qi looked at Mu Xiaoya, shocked.

The staffers look to them, and many people believed what they had heard online about Mu Xiaoya being the one who got framed.

Ye Shengge hadn’t expected Mu Xiaoya to play innocent.

She smiled and said, “You’re being too polite, Xiaoya. I used to be your agent, so you could call me big sister, but I’m the junior and you’re the senior, the experienced one. Don’t call me big sister, and besides, you’re two years older than me.”

Mu Xiaoya had gone into the entertainment world when she was twenty, and she was twenty-three years old this year.

Her face twitched as she wanted to say something further, but Ye Shengge took Lin Qi straight to the makeup room.

She was the lead actress, so she had the largest makeup room, and her photos would be taken the earliest.

The pictures for the posters were directly related to how much the audience wanted the show. Besides, Ye Shengge, Xu Xiangjie also paid lots of attention to it. He even showed up on the scene himself.

Although the investor of this show was T.S. Corporation, and he didn’t have much choice if T.S. Corporation made up its mind, he was the director of the show after all, and it was the best team handling the show, so he didn’t want to do a bad job.

Actually, everyone except Ye Shengge was an experienced actor, yet Ye Shengge, who was the cornerstone of the entire show, had never acted before.

Xue Xiangjie couldn’t help being worried.

He’d already prepared for the worse and treated this show as a chance to team up with T.S. Corporation. As long as the boss was happy, his reputation loss would be okay.

Thinking like that, he went to see Ye Shengge after her makeup.

As Ye Shengge walked out with the baggy costumes, nobody was impressed. After all, the makeup was very heavy in order to cover her birthmark.

She was wearing the costumes in the later life of Xue Ning, so her eye makeup was also very heavy to match the image of the character, which made her originally exquisite face look mediocre.

Xu Xiangjie couldn’t help sighing, but thinking that she was his boss’s woman, he had to smile and say, “Doesn’t matter. We can take the photos several times.”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Okay.”

She knew that just like Xu Xiangjie, nobody expected anything from her, but she didn’t want to defend herself.

Ye Shengge looked around and saw Mu Xiaoya near her.

Mu Xiaoya was smiling contemptuously, as if she was laughing at her.

Mu Xiaoya hadn’t been sure how Ye Shengge would look, but now she couldn’t control her expressions.

An agent who had no acting experience had stolen her role! And she needed to be her supporting actress, which infuriated Mu Xiaoya, but now, she couldn’t have been looking forward to the shooting more, and she almost burst out laughting just thinking about how awkward that woman would look.

Perhaps she could get the part back.

Thinking of that, Mu Xiaoya grimaced.

Ye Shengge didn’t mind those looks. She picked her costumes, walked to in front of the camera and put her hands in front of her breasts with her eyes closed.


The photographer yelled, and she opened her eyes.

The photographer and Xu Xiangjie both took a deep breath.

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