Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 480

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Chapter 480: Trying to Make the Secret Technique Fail

“That’s right.” Ye Shengge clenched her fists. “He didn’t abuse me much. He probably wanted to sell me for a good price, but he was especially cruel to other kids. I was terrified. There was once when he bullied a girl in her teens. I was too angry, and I happened to see his knife on the side of the bed. I grabbed the knife and rushed at him. He was caught off guard, and he fell to the ground after being stabbed. Although the older kids had their hands and feet tied, they still took the chance to pin his limbs down. They asked me to kill him. I was already timid at that time, but I couldn’t stop halfway. I stabbed him several times… He died because he lost too much blood.”

She trembled as she said that because she recalled that terrifying scene, and also because… he had lost too much blood and couldn’t be saved. She was so afraid that Ji Shiting would be in such a situation.

Gu Yimo could almost imagine that scene as she looked at her pale face.

At that time, she was just a seven-year-old child. How could she have been able to handle being a murderer?

Ye Shengge took a while to calm herself down and said, “I’ve been pampered by my parents since I was young, and I’ve never seen any dark side. I didn’t expect to be a murderer either. Even if I killed a bad person, I still can’t accept it, so I refuse to admit it and pretend that I didn’t do it.”

“That’s why she showed up,” Gu Yimo said.

“That’s right. And then, she showed up.” Ye Shengge bit her lips. “She hurt my father, but at that time, my father didn’t know that I had fabricated another personality out of fear. He thought I was just careless, and he comforted me. I was young at that time, so I didn’t understand what was going on. After that, every few days, my parents would say why I was being naughty again. All the animals near my house were killed by me… I gradually realized that there was another demon living in me. Later, my parents also realized that they didn’t want me to be locked up in the hospital as a mental patient, and they also didn’t want me to be locked up in prison for killing someone.”

“That’s why they took you overseas,” Gu Yimo said.

“That’s right. They applied to go to Country Y, and before that, they tried to destroy my previous experience. There’s a mysterious tribe in Country Y that has a secret technique that can make people forget everything that happened in the past. That’s how my birthmark came about.” Ye Shengge pursed her lips. “My other personality came about because I killed someone. When I completely forgot about it and stopped being afraid and blaming myself, my other personality didn’t have the chance to appear.”

“But the birthmark is gone now.” Gu Yimo looked at her smooth face.

“That’s right.” Ye Shengge smiled sadly. “At that time, the leader of the tribe told my parents that I mustn’t touch a man, if not the secret technique would fail. Thus, my parents asked them to brand my face. This method was obviously very useful, but…”

Because of the birthmark on her face, she had almost become an insulator to the opposite sex all these years.

However, she hadn’t expected to run into Ji Shiting and have such an accident.

It would’ve been fine if it was just an accident, but that man didn’t mind the birthmark on her face at all. In fact… he was very interested in her, although he had never shown that.

And this was what led to everything.

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