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Chapter 49: Born for the Camera

Ye Shengge suddenly looked like a totally different person.

All her makeup under the spotlight in the camera highlighted her facial features, which were amazing, however, the jewel in the crown was the pair of enchanting eyes.

There were too many emotions in those eyes. Grievances because of the death of loved ones, disappointment because of multiple betrayals, enlightenment and empathy after going through everything. All the experiences of Xue Ning were shown in those pair of eyes.

There was more! Even if she already showed such rich and deep emotions, she still looked repressed and constrained, making people want to dig deeper.

That photo itself made the character of Xue Ning come alive!

The photographer was so excited that he took countless photos, and Ye Shengge cooperated well. After the front face, she turned around and lowered her head. Each expression was expressive, which inspired the photographer, who couldn’t stop taking her photos.

People who didn’t look at the camera didn’t feel as intense as the photographer, but they all suddenly felt that Ye Shengge looked completely different, as if her sould had been enriched, and they couldn’t hep staring at her.

Mu Xiaoya was shocked as she was wanting to see Ye Shengge being embarrassed.

She had only shot all her shows with the help of Ye Shengge in the past three y ears, so she had to admit that the woman could comprehend the role very well, but she had never expected her to be so expressive in front of the camera. She could tell from the photographer and the director that someone had been born for the camera.

Was Ye Shengge one of the people?

Mu Xiaoya felt a sense of danger like never before, and she couldn’t help biting her lips, not even realizing she had broken the skin.

“Okay!” Xu Xiangjie yelled with excitement. “It’s wonderful! Go have a rest, Shengge! Let’s shoot for the next role!”

Ye Shengge smiled and walked down. After she left the camera’s sight, that amazing attraction she had had was gone.

All the actors and actresses looked at her, thrilled. They all thought that Ye Shengge had gotten her part because of connections, due to the public opinion on the Internet. But now, they were all amazed. Where had she come from?

Ye Shengge didn’t care about those looks either. She walked to the makeup room, until she was stopped by Mu Xiaoya.

“What happened?” Ye Shengge smiled relaxedly.

“Don’t… Don’t even think that you can outshine me!” Mu Xiaoya’s face was twitching. “You’re someone who’s never been on a show, yet I have twenty million followers on Weibo!”

“Then you should have nothing to fear,” Ye Shengge smiled and said. “Oh, I should’ve told you before. At least five million of your followers on Weibo were purchased by our company.”

Mu Xiaoya’s face got paler hearing what Ye Shengge said.

“Be prepared.” Ye Shengge grinned at her.

Mu Xiaoya clenched her fist hard, wanting to skin her alive!

1912 Clubhouse.

Ji Shiting had been traveling for business for a week, and Qiao Yanze had invited him for drinks the day he got back to Yang City.

Qiao Yanze had a lot of friends. Aside from Yu Shuhang, there were a couple of other rich boys he was close to, but Ji Shiting didn’t have time to go out with them. He ordered a cocktail, looking idle.

His phone rang a couple of times.

Ji Shiting glimpsed at his phone, and it was Xu Xiangjie.

The man frowned as he was kind of irritated. Because of ‘Xue Ning’, Xu Xiangjie had gotten his contact details, but it didn’t mean he wanted to be disturbed.

However, he clicked the message, after which he saw several photos.

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