Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 511

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Chapter 511: Untitled

The man stroked her face and said, “What request?”

Ye Shengge summoned her courage and looked him in the eyes. “After we get divorced, you can date and marry other women, but… you can’t find someone worse than me.”

He chuckled and said, “Why?”

“For your sake,” Ye Shengge said. “If you find someone worse than me, everyone will laugh at you.”

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Oh?”

“She can’t be shorter than me. Her legs can’t be shorter than mine. Her chest and eyes can’t be smaller than mine. Her face can’t be bigger than mine,” Ye Shengge requested. “She can’t be worse at kissing than me, and she can’t be worse at sex.”

“The first few are still alright.” His Adam’s apple bobbed. “What do you mean by kissing and bed skills?”

“Exactly what I said.” Ye Shengge stared at him and said. “You said you married me because I lived a good life.”

Ji Shiting stroked her chin and looked solemn.

“But I don’t remember anything anymore,” he said. “I don’t remember your kissing skills at all. How can I compare if I don’t remember anything?”

“Isn’t that easy to find out?” Ye Shengge leaned closer to him.

However, before she could touch his lips, Ji Shiting chuckled and said, “Are you finding an excuse to kiss me, Ye Shengge?”

“No,” she said calmly. “You said you don’t remember, didn’t you?”

“That makes sense.” He nodded and said. “Let’s do it.”

Ye Shengge suddenly froze in midair.

The man chuckled, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help trembling the moment their lips touched.

She had kissed Ji Shiting countless times in the past, and they had done more intimate things. However, this kiss made her heart pound like never before. The man’s cold aura made her dizzy, and her heart pounded fast.

The man moved away and said, “Is this your kissing technique?”

Ye Shengge blushed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. She tried to trace his lips and put her tongue in, but the man refused to cooperate.

She bit him hard.

He grunted and moved his lips, but Ye Shengge felt a great sense of achievement and stuck her tongue in.

Ji Shiting’s breathing got heavier.

Ye Shengge tried to go deeper, sweeping across his chin and touching the tip of his tongue. This kind of contact was irresistible.

The man couldn’t help going deeper with the kiss.

After the kiss, their breathing became irregular.

Ji Shiting’s eyes widened.

Ye Shengge lowered her head and said, “What do you think?”

His Adam’s apple bobbed, and he licked his lips as if he was savoring it.

“Not bad indeed. Then… what about bed skills?” He stared at her and said hoarsely. “When do you plan to let me experience them?”

“Bed skills are as good as my kissing skills.” Ye Shengge tried to suppress the heat on her face and said calmly. “In any case, don’t bother him unless you’re sure she’s better than me.”

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