Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: Find a chance to date

Feng Jing sent her back to Ming Building, and the car stopped downstairs.

Ye Shengge got out of the car, thanked Feng Jing and walked toward the building.

However, she realized that Lin Qi and Shang Tianyi were waiting for her at the door.

“You…” Ye Shengge looked at them in surprise.

“Tell me honestly, did Mr. Ji send someone to pick you up?” Shang Tianyi looked at her.

“I knew it! Mr. Ji wouldn’t bear to part with you!” Lin Qi pounded her palms.

“It’s him.” Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered. “But I’m going to say goodbye to him. We won’t meet again in the future.”

Unless she was lucky enough to cure herself in a short period of time, but… Ye Shengge knew how unlikely that was. She had checked some cases, and people like her needed at least a few years of treatment.

Ji Shiting might be willing to wait for her for a few years, but his grandpa wouldn’t allow him to wait that long.

Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi were dazed, and they both looked upset.

“Sister Shengge…”

“It’s alright. Don’t worry about me.” She smiled. “Let’s go home.”

She would still be sad, but she wasn’t afraid or desperate anymore. Even if her hope was so weak, she would still pull herself together for Ji Shiting.

Before going to bed that night, Ye Shengge asked Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi to tie her to the bed.

Lin Qi suddenly said, “Sister Shengge, you can live with us and with Mr. Ji! Just like now.”

“No.” Ye Shengge smiled. “Ji Shiting wouldn’t do that to me.”

Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi could tie her up, but not Ji Shiting.

Even if he lost his memory, he wouldn’t lose his pride.

He wouldn’t allow it, and he couldn’t accept this method.

Besides, as a couple, they had to sleep together. Would Ji Shiting tie her up after sex?

Lin Qi still didn’t understand what was going on. Shang Tianyi stroked her head and said, “Little girl, stop watching idol dramas all day long. Find a chance to date.”

A week passed.

In the past week, Ye Shengge had devoted herself completely to work. She understood the artists signed by the studio one by one, and she planned a suitable route for them to choose suitable scripts. It was just like how she had treated Mu Xiaoya back then, but she was more determined than before and didn’t give herself any time to relax.

Shang Tianyi was very happy at first, thinking that she had recovered from the shock of the divorce, but after a few days, he realized that something was wrong.

She wasn’t working hard because she had recovered from the shock of the divorce. Instead, she was trying to fill her time with work and not give herself a chance to grieve.

Fortunately, she had rested and eaten on time. Although she didn’t gain much weight, she didn’t continue to lose weight.

In the past seven days, Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi had the honor of dealing with the other Ye Shengge, and both of them were shocked. Although they were mentally prepared, they hadn’t expected the second personality to be so innocent, evil, and cunning. Shang Tianyi was fine, but Lin Qi had almost been deceived and wanted to untie her. However, with this experience, the two of them were relieved.

Fortunately, the psychiatrist recommended by Gu Yimo arrived in Yang City within two days.

Ye Shengge went with Lin Qi.

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