Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 530

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Chapter 530: Force Him To Stay Away From Her

“Why did you drive all the way here?” Ji Shiting stared at her. “I don’t remember taking this route from your office.”

“Lin Qi… took the wrong path,” she explained. “You should go back to the car and accompany your partner.”

“Shut up.” The man sounded calm, but he was angrier. “Ye Shengge, I don’t need you to tell me what to do.”

Ye Shengge bit her lips and said, “Then… I’ll wait in the car.”

Ji Shiting sneered, “Why? Do you feel terrible being with me?”

“…Yes,” she said hoarsely. Her eyes ached, and she felt dizzy.

Ji Shiting’s breathing became heavier, and his gaze on her face was burning.

Ye Shengge touched the door handle and said, “Sorry, I need to get in.”

She then got into the car and closed the door.

Ye Shengge fumbled for her seat belt and buckled it. Her face was covered in tears.

She saw Ji Shiting still standing there through the window. She even felt that his dark eyes were still chasing her.

Leave, Ji Shiting! Leave! Don’t stay by her side. She can’t take it anymore! She yelled inwardly.

“Sister Shengge?” Lin Qi had just finished her phone call and was shocked to see her like this.

“I’m fine.” Ye Shengge blinked, trying not to faint. “Lin Qi, if I close my eyes, you have to pinch me hard.”

Lin Qi saw that her face was pale, so she nodded and held her hand. “Don’t be afraid, Sister Shengge. I’m here! I’ll knock her unconscious if she comes out. Don’t worry!”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Okay.”

She clenched her fist, and the pain of her nails digging into her palm made her sober up.

Fortunately, Ji Shiting finally looked away and returned to the car.

Before long, the black Maybach drove off and disappeared in the rain.

Ye Shengge finally relaxed, but her face was still pale.

Lin Qi held her hand and said, “Sister Shengge, I’m not afraid, and neither is Mr. Ji. Why don’t you trust him?”

“It’s different.” Ye Shengge looked at the night under the rain and mumbled. “You said you would knock me out if my second personality came out, but Ji Shiting won’t. He can’t bear to. That’s the reason.”

No one else would have been hurt by the second personality that night, except Ji Shiting. He couldn’t bear to hurt her body, and even if he knew what was the right thing to do, he wouldn’t be able to bear it. If he couldn’t, he would hesitate, and this hesitation would cause irreparable damage.

Besides, she wasn’t strong enough, so she would be especially weak and sad when facing Ji Shiting. At that time, she was at her weakest, so she could only force him to stay away from her.

An hour later, Ye Shengge finally returned to Ming Building.

She was very tired. After washing up, she asked Lin Qi to tie her up before she fell asleep.

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