Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: I’ll Make The Decision

“That’s what I think.” Ji Shiting hugged her tightly and said, “Ye Shengge, you should know that you can’t get rid of me.”

Oh please…

Ye Shengge didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Ji Shiting, if anything happens…”

“It doesn’t change.” The man’s tone was calm and firm. He breathed on her face. “Since you don’t want me to get hurt, treat me well. We’ll have a child after you recover, okay?”

Ye Shengge took a deep breath and looked confused.

Treating her illness and giving birth to a child… It sounded wonderful and simple, as if such a vision could be easily achieved if she wanted to.

But was it really that easy?

“Ye Shengge, it’s not that I’m not afraid, but it’s because I trust you.” The man held her face and smiled. “That day, you came out when I called your name and stopped her in time. Otherwise, I would’ve died if the knife had gone an inch deeper. You saved me.”

Ye Shengge clenched her fists, feeling suffocated.

“Can… Can you explain it like that?” She said self-deprecatingly.

“Of course.” His voice was deep and gentle. “So you have to trust yourself.”

Ye Shengge clenched her fists and didn’t say anything for a long time.

The man had blocked all her excuses, but no matter how nice he sounded, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was taking a risk.

However, Ye Shengge knew that it was impossible for her to draw a line with that man. He always had a way to make her hesitate and compromise, just like last night. Thus, there was no point in rejecting him.

Her lips moved as if she wanted to say something, but then she hesitated.

Ji Shiting looked at her patiently and grabbed her hands.

“Ji Shiting, I don’t know when I’ll be able to treat myself,” she finally said. “I’m an actress. Every time I get into character, my symptoms might worsen. All great actors are crazy or have multiple personalities. I finally know what that means.”

“I understand.” The man grabbed her hands. “I won’t let you give up your dream. Besides, I like how you look when you are acting.”

“Don’t you think I’m selfish?” Ye Shengge looked at him and said, “Dr. Song told me that it would be better for my condition if I quit acting.”

“I told you, I want you to be selfish.” The man smiled. “If you have to sacrifice something to be with me, that only means I’m not worth a lot.”

Ye Shengge suddenly felt like crying.

“Ji Shiting, you…” She grabbed the man’s hand and choked.” But you have to take such a big risk when you’re with me. I’m not worth it…”

“I’ll decide whether it’s worth it or not,” the man interrupted him.

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

After all, he was the one in the right, and she would never win against him.

However, the overbearingness he was showing made her heart burn.

“We’ll find a way.” Ji Shiting kissed her lips and said, “Promise me, okay?”

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