Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 548

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Chapter 548: Affair

Ye Shengge looked into the man’s dark eyes, and she felt her heart burning.

The man had already said that, and she had no choice.

However, what right did she have…

She blinked, forced back her tears, and said, “Okay, I promise you. But you have to promise me that if she comes out, don’t be reluctant to hurt me just because you feel sorry for me. It’s good even if you knock me out. I’d rather be hurt myself than let you get hurt. If… If you get hurt again, even if you lose a hair, I’ll run far away and you won’t be able to find me anymore!”

Ji Shiting swallowed hard, grabbed her hand and put it on his collar bone. He smiled and said, “But what if it’s you who hurt me?”

Ye Shengge was dazed. “When did I…”

She then saw the red marks on the man’s collar bone.

She blushed and glared at him. “You deserve it!”

She had been furious in the morning, yet that man had bullied her. She had only scratched him a couple of times, and it was already considered polite.

“Stop staring.” Ji Shiting’s voice suddenly became hoarse. “Every time you glare at me, I feel like you’re inviting me.”

The man then grabbed her head and kissed her again.

After breakfast, the two of them talked and kissed for more than an hour. During that time, Lin Qi couldn’t help looking out again, then she held her chest and returned to her room.

Ye Shengge couldn’t take it anymore. She avoided his kiss and said, “Aren’t you going to work?”

The man grabbed her chin and pulled her face back, saying, “I’ve lost my memory. I’m not familiar with the company’s affairs, so I’m on leave at home.”

Was that why he had skipped work?

“But I have to go to work.” Ye Shengge put her hands on his shoulders. “Have you had enough?”

“Not enough,” he said, sliding his hand under her clothes again. “Why don’t we go back to our room?”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

“…Take it easy! You’ve just recovered from your injury!” Ye Shengge stopped his hand and looked at him pitifully. “Lin Qi is stuck in our room. Can you let her out for a breather…”

Ji Shiting snorted and bit her chin again.

It was almost noon when Ye Shengge sent Ji Shiting away.

Actually, if it weren’t for her grandpa calling, that man wouldn’t have let her go.

Ye Shengge watched his car drive away and went into a daze for a while before returning home. At that moment, Lin Qi finally came out of her room and was pouring herself a drink.

“Sister Shengge.” She blushed. “Has Mr. Ji left?”

“Mm.” Ye Shengge felt her face burning, but she tried to be nonchalant. “He might come here from time to time in the future.”

Lin Qi’s eyes lit up. “Are you back with Mr. Ji?”

“Not really…” Ye Shengge pursed her lips and smiled.” It’s considered an affair…”

Every time Ji Shiting came to see her, he had to avoid being found out by his grandpa. Besides, he was supposed to be dating a rich socialite.

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