Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 581

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Chapter 581: She Can Kiss Him Just Standing On tiptoe

Long time no see, Mr. Ji.

Ji Shiting’s pupils contracted.

He stared at the woman’s forced smile and chuckled. “It’s been a long time indeed. It’s been 108 days.”

Ye Shengge hadn’t expected him to remember the date so clearly. She suddenly felt sour, and her eyes burned.

“Sorry.” She couldn’t help blurting out.

“Sorry for what?” Ji Shiting smiled.

“Everything.” She bit her lips to suppress the lump in her throat. “I shouldn’t have left without saying goodbye. I shouldn’t have lied to you and signed the divorce agreement.”

“Really?” Ji Shiting said calmly. “So you regret it?”

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered. After a while, she shook her head.

Even if she returned to that time, she would still make the same choice.

Ji Shiting wasn’t surprised to see how pale and determined the woman was.

“Then what’s the point of your apology?” He curled his lips and took a step forward.

Ye Shengge almost jumped up like a startled rabbit, but she was already at the edge of the elevator and couldn’t retreat anymore.

Ji Shiting sneered, “What do you think I’m going to do to you?”

Ye Shengge was dazed. She saw the man walk to the number and press the button for the fifteenth floor.

She couldn’t help blushing, bit her lips and stopped talking.

She also happened to be staying on the 15th floor.

She had heard his conversation with Ling Yutong, so he would be sharing a room with Ling Yutong tonight…

She clenched her fists tightly.

After the man pressed the button, he stopped looking at her and fell into silence.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help looking up and sizing him up.

She hadn’t seen him for more than three months, and the man didn’t seem to have changed much, but he looked more aloof than before. Or perhaps, this aloofness was just for her, reminding her of when they had just met.

No, he was more aloof than before.

The bitterness in her heart was almost suffocating, but Ye Shengge could only accept it. Since she had refused the tolerance and gentle care he had given her, she deserved to suffer the consequences.

The man suddenly looked at her.

Ye Shengge suddenly felt guilty. She lowered her head, but her face couldn’t help burning up when she felt the man’s burning gaze on her.

Ji Shiting chuckled.

At this moment, the elevator stopped on the third floor. After the door opened, there were many cleaning aunties standing outside. They rushed in with all kinds of tools.

Ji Shiting frowned and walked to the corner to give them some space. However, there wasn’t enough space, so the man had to walk to the corner.

Thus, Ye Shengge could only watch as the man walked to her and wrapped her in a corner. The two of them were close to each other, and the familiar pheromones were getting stronger, making her face redden.

She looked up and saw the man looking at her. Ye Shengge suspected with a little tiptoe, she would be able to kiss him.


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