Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 586

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Chapter 586: She Really Doesn’t Care About Ji Shiting Anymore

“I told you, mom. I don’t want dad.” Little Zheng was a bit upset.

Ji Shiting looked at Little Zheng’s face and had a guess.

The child was still very childish a few months ago. Perhaps it was because he had grown taller, but the baby fat on his face had faded a bit, and the outline of his face became more defined.

“The CCTV record of that hotel was destroyed, so even if the hard drive’s information is restored, it’s still blank.” Ji Shiting looked at Ling Yutong. “But don’t worry. Little Zheng’s father isn’t a bad person.”

Ling Yutong bit her lips.

That was what she was worried about. Little Zheng didn’t need a father to grow up, but when he grew up, his father might pester Little Zheng and become a burden.

She already knew that she had been set up. If Xie Siqi wanted to hurt her, what kind of man could she have prepared for her?

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “You wouldn’t have thought that man was me if he was really that bad.”

Ling Yutong blushed. After a while, she smiled and said, “You’re right.”

This scene was so glaring, as if they were really a family of three.

Ye Shengge suddenly felt a lump in her throat. She thought she had overestimated herself, but she wasn’t as calm as she had thought.

Perhaps it was because she was staring at him so intensely that Ji Shiting finally realized something.

He turned around and looked at her.

Ling Yutong followed Ji Shiting’s gaze and noticed Ye Shengge standing not far away. She smiled and said to Little Zheng, “Are you full? I’ll take you for a walk on the beach to digest your food.”

“Um…” Little Zheng hesitated for a bit and nodded.” Okay then. ”

However, Ye Shengge was already walking toward them.

“Mr. Ji, Ms. Ling.” She smiled and greeted them calmly, or perhaps she was trying to appear calm. “The buffet here is really good, isn’t it?”

Ling Yutong didn’t say anything and glanced at Ji Shiting. The man was expressionless, but his eyes were filled with rage. He gripped the cup tightly, and veins popped out.

She was rendered speechless, then she looked at Ye Shengge, only to see a calm and smiling face, as if she really didn’t care about Ji Shiting anymore.

Ling Yutong didn’t know how to position her role. She had acted with Ji Shiting in the afternoon, but it was obvious that Ye Shengge hadn’t let go of Ji Shiting, so she had left.

However, Ye Shengge had come to greet them as if she wasn’t the woman who had been dazed.

Ling Yutong smiled and said, “Not bad indeed. Isn’t that right, Little Zheng?”

Little Zheng nodded. He had stuffed a piece of snack into his mouth when he heard that he was leaving, and he hadn’t finished chewing yet.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help laughing seeing how he was about to choke. She walked to the side and poured him a glass of orange juice. “Eat slowly. No one’s going to compete with you.”

Little Zheng took the orange juice and drank more than half of it. He then leaned against the chair and sighed.

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