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Chapter 59: Did she meet a fake Ji Shiting?

The feeling was terrific.

Ye Shengge held the man’s shoulders tightly, breathing rapidly and looking horrified.

“Don’t… Mr. Ji… I’m sorry…” she couldn’t help tearing up.

Wasn’t that man always disdainful of her? Why was he hitting on her today? Had she met a fake Ji Shiting?

Thoughts flooded Ye Shengge’s mind as she tried to restrain her sex drive.

Ji Shiting saw her blushing face. No matter how calm he tried to look, he was still kind of turned on.

His self-control was a joke in front of this woman.

Ji Shiting retracted his right hand, chuckled and said, “Are your legs still numb?”

Ye Shengge lowered her head, and her face and neck were all red.

Ji Shiting curled his lips and picked her up again.

Ye Shengge shook and struggled out of instinct, but she immediately gave in after seeing Ji Shiting’s cold look.

She stopped shaking her stiff body. Fortunately, Ji Shiting didn’t do anything this time, instead, he put her beside the seat around the desk and said, “Eat.”

He then sat across from her, cleaned her hands with the wet towels and started to eat smoothly and elegantly without taking a break.

Ji Shiting looked so good even when he was eating.

Ye Shengge stared at him while spacing out, and she got more confused.

The way the man had treated her was bizarre in every way.

Ji Shiting put down his fork and knife, and seeing her basically frozen, he said, “What’re you looking at?”

Ye Shengge was brought back to reality as she looked at the cuisine on the table and mumbled, “I’ve eaten already.”

“Oh?” Ji Shiting looked down and said coldly. “It sounds like you don’t get along with your fiancé’s family.”

“No, not that…” Ye Shengge snickered. “We were talking about rescinding the engagement.”

The man relaxed his face muscles as his tone got gentler. “Really? How did the talk go?”

Ye Shengge was finding this weirder and weirder…

“I told him that we should take a break for a while.” Ye Shengge frowned. “Now is not the best time to break up the engagement.”

She planned to take away most of the stars from Star Brilliance, which was the only way to damage Mu Yanhuai’s career. However, she needed T.S Corporation to back her up, otherwise those artists would follow her blindly.

Breaking up with Mu Yanhuai before everyone worked it out would only alert him and give him the edge.

Ye Shengge then looked to the man in front of her, blinking her eyes.

Ji Shiting twitched her eyebrows and tapped his fingers on the table, “Then, when is a good time?”

That was exactly what she had been waiting for.

Ye Shengge leaned forward out of excitement. “If T.S. is willing to open a studio with me, I can get most of the artists from Star Brilliance!”

“Um…” Ji Shiting lifted his head a bit, looking pleased. “Sure thing.”

Ye Shengge was dazed again, “But… but you told me last time that it’s a bad deal for T.S.…”

“That was before I saw your posters for the show.” Ji Shiting immediately thought of a reason. “I reckon your talent makes you a great candidate to cooperate with T.S.”

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