Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 594

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Chapter 594: I Can Wait for You No matter How Long

Ye Shengge tightened her grip on the man’s shoulders.

She still didn’t say anything, but she bit her lips and listened.

“You said it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but because we weren’t fated to be together.” He pressed his index finger against her lips. “I didn’t used to believe such words. I thought it was just an excuse for someone useless, but now, I have to admit that I’m not as omnipotent as I thought.”

The man’s calm tone sounded lonely. Ye Shengge suddenly realized something, and her heart pounded.

“I was too impulsive tonight.” His voice became hoarse. “Or rather, it was a mistake to promise Ling Yutong to accompany her to the set.”

Ye Shengge grabbed his hand and said, “Ji Shiting…”

“I just can’t take it lying down.” The man flipped his wrist and grabbed her hand. “But since it turns out that the closer I get, the more painful it will be for you, I should be more tactful, right?”

“No, it’s not like that.” She shook her head, trying to shake it off. “Don’t say that. I beg you…”

“If that’s not the case.” The man chuckled. “Then, are you willing to come back to me?”

Ye Shengge stared at him, her face pale.

After a long time, she finally said, “No.”

Ji Shiting wasn’t surprised at all. He even smiled and said, “Then, I’ll stay away from you in the future.”

Ye Shengge couldn’t breathe.

After three months, she had thought she had accepted the fact that she had separated from him, but it turned out that she hadn’t. She knew deep down that Ji Shiting wouldn’t give up easily, so she hadn’t really felt despair.

However, he had given up and accepted the outcome.

This was the real end.

This was what she had expected. After letting him go, he would be able to start a new life, but she had still overestimated her tolerance.

Her mind was buzzing, and she couldn’t concentrate for a long time. Her lips opened and closed several times, but she couldn’t say anything.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips as he saw how pained she looked.

“Do you want me to let go?” He said hoarsely. “I can wait for you, no matter how long it takes.”

Ye Shengge came back to reality.

She stared at the man’s dark eyes and knew that he wasn’t kidding.

A deeper emotion hit her chest, making her more sober than ever, just like the day she left Qianfan Villa.

“Ji Shiting, I hope you forget me.” Her voice was soft as if she had exhausted all her strength. “You’ll find a better woman than me.”

The man’s pupils contracted. He stared at her for a long time and smiled, “Okay.”

That woman was more ruthless, so he had to compromise.

Ye Shengge lowered her head and said, “Are you… still in pain?”

“I’m fine now. Thank you for taking care of me.” His voice was emotionless. “I should go.”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a while before she nodded.

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