Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 599

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Chapter 599: Chasing That Figure

The script for ‘Cross’ wasn’t complicated, and the story was relatively simple. Although there was a mystery and a gunfight, the scenes of the mystery and gunfight weren’t mainstream. It was just to adjust the boring story so that the audience wouldn’t fall asleep. This was also Chen Anzhi’s compromise to the market.

However, before that, he hadn’t expected him to find an actress like Ye Shengge. Sometimes, actors’ performances could enrich the script and characters, making it easier for the audience to get into character.

Chen Anzhi couldn’t imagine that a young girl like Ye Shengge could understand the seriousness of murder. If it were any other actress, they would probably only show the most superficial fear and lingering fear, but Ye Shengge’s acting level was much higher. Besides lingering fear, there was also the excitement of the second level that went beyond ordinary people, as well as the deepest despair and exhaustion after realizing that she had been forced to this point. That despair wasn’t just because of the murder itself, but because she was trapped in such a desperate situation and couldn’t get out, so she could only choose to kill her conscience.

The movie was almost done, and the scene was about to end.

An Ran recalled all the dirty things she had done before, and she had already expected her ending, so she no longer panicked. Her hands were also very steady as she was putting on makeup. After putting on her lipstick, she even picked a pair of suitable high heels from the cabinet to match. Everything seemed to be in order, but her expression and actions showed a lifeless numbness and despair. Everyone could tell that this person had no meaning to live anymore. She had completely killed herself.

Such a performance could no longer be explained by acting skills. It was as if she was completely relying on her instincts. She didn’t even have much expression, but she could still clearly tell the character’s condition.

This suffocating despair also became a strange charm that made the audience not dare relax for a moment.

She then left the house.

Everyone on set couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief.

Ji Shiting and Andy watched the performance.

“Oh my god.” Andy stroked his chest. “I’ve been brought into her emotions. She’ll shine, won’t she, Mr. Ji?”

However, he didn’t get any response.

He turned around and realized that the man beside him was still staring at the figure on the set.

Ye Shengge took three consecutive shots before ending the morning shoot.

After shooting, she realized that she was drenched in sweat, and she couldn’t have felt more satisfied. She had to say that she was really grateful for the role of An Ran. Every performance was a form of treatment for her. Her despair, fear, excitement, and mutation were all vented by this role. She would have a strange feeling when she got into character occasionally, as if there was another person looking down at her. She reckoned that it was thanks to this role that the second personality’s anger was dissipating.

She walked to the side and sat down. She didn’t see Shang Tianyi, only Lin Qi.

Ye Shengge suddenly recalled something when Lin Qi handed her the water. She turned around, but the round table was already empty.

Ye Shengge stood up and was about to find Ji Shiting when she saw Mike rushing to her.

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