Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 606

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Chapter 606: Get Out

“I know.” She tried to figure it out. “Just like I missed you.”

Ji Shiting chuckled, “I’ll still dream of you. Will you?”

She immediately nodded and said, “I will. Sometimes, I only realize that my face is covered in tears after I wake up… I dreamed of you, but I don’t remember it after I woke up.”

Ji Shiting took a deep breath, put her hand to his lips and bit her fingertip. “Guess what I dreamed about you?”

“What?” She asked.

“I dreamed about how you looked like after I was done with you..” He smiled. “Are you the same?”

Ye Shengge’s eyes widened. “I’m not…”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t remember? How did you know?” The man said patiently as he lifted her bathrobe.

“No… I’m crying.”

“You were so comfortable in your dream that you cried.”

“You…” Her chest heaved.” Ji Shiting, you… You’re being a hooligan again. ”

“Mm.” The man looked at her body, and his voice was hoarse. “I’m only being a hooligan to you.”

“No, no. We’re divorced.” She sounded choked. “So you can’t be a hooligan to me anymore.”

Ji Shiting held her face and said, “You just agreed to be my bride. Have you forgotten?”

“Really?” She was even more surprised.

“Yes.” He curled his lips. “You told me not to marry anyone else.”


“Do you want me to marry someone else and be a pervert to another woman?” The man coaxed her patiently.

She shook her head.

“That’s right.” Ji Shiting breathed more heavily. “That’s why I can only be a hooligan to you.”

Ye Shengge was dazed again. She blinked hard, trying to wake herself up, but her body was being controlled by the man, and the bit of consciousness she had regained was burnt away by his burning temperature. She felt like she was spinning in the dance hall and floating on the ocean. The dizziness was pleasant. She felt like she was being sent to the clouds, and then she felt like she was sinking to the bottom.

She suddenly felt afraid and hugged the man in front of her tightly. She couldn’t help screaming as the pain hit her.

“It hurts! It hurts!” Tears fell from her eyes. “Get out…”

Her senses were heightened by the alcohol, and she hadn’t been so intimate with that man in a long time, so her body couldn’t get used to it.

However, how could Ji Shiting stop? His body, which hadn’t been relieved for a long time, couldn’t be stopped at all. His body would tense up every time he recalled the scene of Ye Shengge under him, and later, he would react the same when he saw her on TV.

He had never expected this day to come again.

“Shengge.” He kissed her and comforted her. “Have you ever imagined what your wedding will be like?”

The woman’s attention was diverted. She mumbled, “Wedding?”

“Yes,” Ji Shiting said as he stroked her body.

“I’ve never thought about it.” She sounded dazed. “Will that day come?”

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