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Chapter 61: That Man Is So Hard To Read

Ye Shengge then hung up the phone, stopping Mu Yanhuai from yelling.

She suddenly felt relieved, as if a huge weight had been lifted. However, she couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

Her efforts in the past three years were all in vain.

She tried to suppress her complex emotions and raise her spirits.

“I’ve broken off the engagement.” Ye Shengge looked imploringly at the man opposite her. “I’ll have nothing to do with him from now on… I’ll take away all of Star Brilliance’s artists and connections and he’ll be the only one left alone…”

“Okay,” Ji Shiting answered.

She didn’t know whether it was Ye Shengge’s imagination, but she could hear the gentleness in his voice.

“You’re such a nice guy, Mr. Ji.” Ye Shengge looked at him in a daze.

Ji Shiting stared at the woman’s blushing face and felt his breathing tighten.

“Do you only have this much alcohol tolerance?”

“Who said that? I have a very high tolerance,” Ye Shengge said. She filled her glass with red wine and gulped it down.

She wasn’t satisfied yet, so she drank more than half of the wine.

“Good wine!” She slapped the desk and stood up, but the alcohol hit her, and everything before her eyes started to sway.

Ji Shiting had a solemn expression. He walked to her side, picked up the woman and put her on his lap.

“Why, do you still feel a little reluctant?” He breathed into her ears.

How dare she be sad about that man?

“No, it’s not that.” Ye Shengge said. “It’s just… he’s been let of too easily… Without me, Star Brilliance wouldn’t exist.”

“Mhm,” Ji Shiting said. “He’ll pay.”

“Yes.” Ye Shengge nodded. “I was so silly before.”

“You’re silly.” Ji Shiting curled his lips and lifted her chin. “What bad taste you had.”

“But… but Mu Yanhuai used to dislike me,” she said, sounding aggrieved.

Ji Shiting recalled what he had heard outside the room, and his face sank.

Had she been despised all these years?

It must have been hard to endure it all this time.

Feeling sorry for her, he lifted her chin and said, “They don’t have the right to judge you.”

“Um… If only I could get rid of the birthmark.” Ye Shengge suddenly smiled. “I’ve found a way.”

“Really?” Ji Shiting remained calm. “What way?”

“No… I can’t say it.” She stuck her tongue out. “I can’t tell Ji Shiting… But I reckon he must’ve figured it out… That man is so hard to read…”

Hard to read.

Ji Shiting watched her alcohol tainted lips.

He couldn’t help himself from swallowing.

Ye Shengge blinked, not realizing what had happened.

She didn’t stop struggling until the man stuck his tongue in.

“No, no…” She pushed him away in gasps.

Ji Shiting snorted. “Why?”

“Because…” She shook her head, looking more focused now. “Am… am I dreaming?”

“Yes, it’s just a dream.” The man chuckled and kissed her again.

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