Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 610

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Chapter 610: Haven’t Released His Number

“All you know is how to force a woman to compromise through despicable means. You deserve to be single forever,” Ji Shiting sneered.

“Despicable means? Ha! You still have the cheek to criticize me? Didn’t you abduct sister-in-law back then? I’ve seen shameless people, but I’ve never seen someone as shameless as you.”

“At least my methods are effective,” Ji Shiting said calmly. “Don’t implicate innocent people if you have the ability.”

“Get lost.” Qiao Yanze wasn’t happy. “Your methods are useless. Sister-in-law left you after all. You are dumped all the same. I think you’re in worse shape.”

“Although Shengge left, I dare say she still loves me.” Ji Shiting curled his lips. “Are you that confident?”

“…” Qiao Yanze seemed to be cursing. “You can’t even see her face. It doesn’t matter whether you love her or not. Call sister-in-law now if you can. If she picks up, I’ll call you daddy.”

“Tsk… Childish,” Ji Shiting said coldly. “Anyway, don’t touch Shisheng Studio. You can’t bear the consequences.”

He then hung up the phone before Qiao Yanze could say anything.

On the other end, Qiao Yanze was furious hearing the busy tone.

Don’t touch Shisheng Studio?

Sure, he didn’t need to scheme. He would come here and see if that woman could handle it.

Ji Shiting returned to Qianfan Villa.

Perhaps it was because he had too many memories in the room that he didn’t have the heart to work at all. In the study, the man’s mind was filled with Ye Shengge.

It had been a day and a half. Was that woman really not going to come after him? Or… did she forget?

Ji Shiting wasn’t very happy either way.

He took out his phone and clicked on the latest photo.

In the photo, the woman was sleeping soundly. Her thick eyelashes covered her face, and her red lips were slightly open, as if she was inviting the man to taste them.

He looked down and saw that half of the woman’s smooth shoulders and collarbone were exposed, making her look seductive.

His Adam’s apple couldn’t help moving, and his eyes dimmed. He had felt relieved yesterday, but seeing the woman’s photos made him tense up.

The images in his mind made his breathing become irregular.

He stroked the photo with his long fingers as if he was recalling how he had stroked her. After a while, he left the photo album and suddenly recalled Qiao Yanze’s words.

Would she pick up if he called her now?

Ji Shiting thought for a bit, then he clicked on his contacts list and dialed a number he hadn’t dialed in a long time.

Ji Shiting waited calmly, but his eyes were filled with emotions, and he couldn’t help clenching his fist.

However, it wasn’t that no one picked up the phone, but… they couldn’t get through at all.

Ji Shiting frowned. Had that woman not released his number from the blacklist yet?

He didn’t believe it, so he called a couple more times, but there was no change.

The man’s face was gloomy. He held his phone tightly and resisted the urge to throw it out.

Very good, very good. Was her confession that night fake?

Perhaps he wasn’t forcing her too hard, but was indulging her too much, which was why that woman was so daring!

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