Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 611

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Chapter 611: Are You Ye Shengge?


After the scene ended, Ye Shengge didn’t return to the hotel immediately because Lin Qi wanted to take a walk on the beach.

The sun had just set, and it was the most comfortable time of the day. Ye Shengge looked at the sea not far away and was in a daze.

It had been two days since Ji Shiting left.

She still remembered how he had turned around and left on the set that day, which made her feel like she had fallen into an ice cave. However, what was strange was that after she woke up from the alcohol that day, she felt like her emotions had been vented and comforted. The pain and despair were gone, and only bitterness and melancholy lingered in her heart.

She couldn’t help wondering if something had really happened that day. After all, although her brain might not remember anything after drinking, her body still had some memories. She remembered being hugged by a pair of strong arms, and she also remembered the man’s cold aura. She even felt that someone had fed her alcohol.

If it was a dream, the feeling was too real.

Unfortunately, none of the surveillance cameras in the hallway were left behind, which made all her assumptions go wild.

“Sister Shengge, look! There are a few handsome guys there!” Lin Qi was excited. “Look at their figures!”

Ye Shengge came back to reality and looked in the direction Lin Qi was pointing at. She saw a bunch of tourists crowding together, so she nodded.

“Sister Shengge.” Lin Qi sighed. “I know you’re upset that Mr. Ji left, but you can’t be depressed forever! I read that the best way to treat a relationship is to start a new one immediately.”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a bit, and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “So you dragged me out to find a handsome guy?”

“Actually, I think that Mike is alright, but you don’t seem interested in him.” Lin Qi shrugged. “I think you might find an interesting handsome guy with so many tourists here every day.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” Ye Shengge smiled. “I eat and sleep every day. How do I seem depressed?

“But you keep spacing out,” Lin Qi pointed out.

“I’m thinking about the company.” Ye Shengge changed the topic. “Tianyi is complaining to me that the studio doesn’t have enough resources. I’m thinking of a way.”

Lin Qi blinked and was skeptical, but she didn’t probe further.

She spent the rest of the journey in excitement, pointing out every handsome guy to Ye Shengge.

At that moment, a handsome Chinese man saw them and walked up to them.

“Are… Are you Ye Shengge?” The man rushed to Ye Shengge and said excitedly. “I especially like the role of Xue Ning. It’s amazing! Really! I thought you were her from afar! You’re treating her right?”

Ye Shengge and Lin Qi were both shocked.

They all knew that ‘Xue Ning’ was a popular show in China, but because Ye Shengge had been overseas for the past few months, they hadn’t realized how popular she was. This was the first time she had been recognized by fans.

“Um… I’m not.” Ye Shengge denied it. “You might have the wrong person.”

“Just admit it, Ms. Ye. I know you are. I won’t mistake you.” The man rubbed his hands excitedly. “I like you so much! Can you take a photo with me?”

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