Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 620

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Chapter 620: You Shouldn’t Be Trapped By Me

Ye Shengge snapped out of her trance.

She looked up at the man’s dark eyes and said, “Even if… Even if you’re willing to wait for me, our relationship won’t change because of that. We still can’t meet often, and I still can’t…”

She then paused.

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “You still can’t let me touch you?”

Ye Shengge looked down and said, “Yes. Are you still waiting for me?”

Ji Shiting looked at her quietly for a while and smiled, “I’ve said it before. It doesn’t matter whether I wait or not. I’m just as dissatisfied.”

“It’s different.” Ye Shengge shook her head. “You can only truly open your heart to others after you give up on me. If you decide to wait for me, you won’t give yourself a chance even if a woman who can move your heart appears.”

“Perhaps I’ll give up soon.” He sneered.

“You won’t.” Ye Shengge looked up at her, her eyes filled with tenderness.

Ji Shiting looked solemn and said, “So your answer won’t change.”

Her face paled a bit, but under the man’s solemn gaze, she nodded slowly and firmly. “That’s right. I still hope you won’t wait for me. Ji Shiting, your life shouldn’t be restricted by me.”

The man pursed his lips, but to Ye Shengge’s surprise, he wasn’t angry. He didn’t even seem surprised by the answer.

“I’ll tell them that T.S. Corporation will pick people from Shisheng Studio first,” Ji Shiting said. “Don’t worry.”

Ye Shengge suddenly felt her vision blur.

She blinked hard to suppress her urge to cry and said, “Thank you.”

She then turned around and walked out of the office.

Ji Shiting didn’t stop her this time.

Ye Shengge hated herself. Why was she so cruel? Why did she have to push that man away time and time again? Perhaps she would regret it for the rest of her life.

However, he was Ji Shiting… The achievements and value of that man were beyond what ordinary people could achieve in their lifetime. His life was still very broad. Even if she couldn’t help him, she couldn’t be a burden to him.

As Ye Shengge thought that, her vision blurred, and her temples hurt like needles. The moment she held the door, she stumbled and couldn’t help leaning her forehead against the door, trying to alleviate the dizziness.

The consequence of not sleeping for more than 30 hours came. She was a bit anxious, but the more anxious she was, the more she couldn’t exert her strength, and her ears were buzzing. After a few seconds, an arm suddenly wrapped around her waist, and she fell into a burning embrace.

“I… I’m fine…” She was forced to lean against the man’s chest, but her eyes were still wide open.” Put me down. ”

Ji Shiting didn’t say anything. He carried her to the sofa and sat down. He brushed away the hair on the woman’s face and said, “How long has it been since you had a good rest?”

“No, I’ve been resting well. It’s just that I rushed back to Yang City yesterday, so I didn’t have time to sleep. I can’t sleep on the plane either.” She bit her lips and explained.

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