Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 628

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Chapter 628: Ji Shiting’s New Love

Grandpa Ji looked at him for a while, and after confirming that he really thought so, he finally felt relieved.

Besides, Grandpa Ji had been monitoring Ji Shiting’s schedule ever since Ye Shengge returned to Yang City. He hadn’t looked for Ye Shengge in the past ten days.

“Seems like you’ve really let it go!” Grandpa Ji was very happy. “Then let’s hurry up. Didn’t you say you were getting married a while ago? Do you need me to arrange it for you?”

“No need.” Ji Shiting smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll take the marriage to heart. After all, it’s not easy being single.”

“That’s right. You’re so young. How can you not have a woman by your side?”

Grandpa Ji was very satisfied. Ever since Ye Shengge left, this kid’s performance had become more and more to his liking. He felt that he had a chance to see a great-grandchild this year!

Grandpa Ji was thrilled.

Ji Shiting glanced at his grandpa and tried to hide his emotions.

Two days later, the issue on Weibo finally died down.

During that time, Ye Shengge clicked on Ji Shiting’s number countless times, but she didn’t dial it in the end. It was impossible that he hadn’t seen the news on Weibo. Since he hadn’t made a move, it meant that he didn’t care. Then, why did she have to call him to explain?

Sometimes, she would be dazed when she passed by T.S. Corporation or Qianfan Villa. They were so close, but once they lost contact, it would be so close that she might never see him again.

Ye Shengge stared at the familiar number, but she didn’t block it this time. Instead, she deleted it as if that would prove that she had never wavered or regretted it.

After deleting it, she put away her phone. She was in the makeup room backstage, and she was about to participate in the branding event of H Family.

As a top luxury brand, H Family had invited many celebrities, but Ye Shengge was the most popular actress recently, so she received the most attention.

Ye Shengge ignored them all, and at that moment, an artist entered the makeup room.

The other party was very ostentatious, and there were seven or eight people behind him. The makeup room that wasn’t considered narrow immediately became crowded. She walked to Ye Shengge and looked at her from above. She suddenly sneered, “Sorry, this is my seat. Please move aside.”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a bit, then she looked over. The other party had a sweet baby face, but his eyes were disdainful and his expression was overbearing. It didn’t match her appearance at all.

“The makeup room has a first come, first serve policy. There’s no such thing as exclusivity,” Lin Qi retorted before Ye Shengge could say anything.

“Of course you don’t have the right to be exclusive.” The actress smiled lazily. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t have one. I’ve taken a fancy to your position. Move aside!”

How arrogant.

Ye Shengge was a bit surprised, but she soon learned the identity of the actress from the discussions behind her.

“Ah, Cheng Xinyue is here today too?”

“That’s right. She’s been in the limelight recently. She’s the lead actress in T.S. Corporation’s new movie, ‘Scared of the Wind’. I heard it was Ji Shiting who chose her. All her recent resources are related to T.S. Corporation, and it looks like she’s Ji Shiting’s new lover.”

“No wonder she provoked Ye Shengge right away… It’s going to be fun now.”

Ji Shiting’s new lover… Although she believed that Ji Shiting wouldn’t have an affair with that woman, Ye Shengge’s heart still ached.

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