Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 629

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Chapter 629: Only After Being Thrown

Ye Shengge was calm as she looked at his contemptuous face. “Is Ms. Cheng sure you want this position?”

Cheng Xinyue sneered, “Do you think I’m kidding?”

Her assistant said smugly, “Some people are still trying to hype themselves up after being dumped. How laughable! Sister Xinyue is Mr. Ji’s woman now. You better know what’s good for you. Otherwise, Sister Xinyue will ban you if you act coquettish!”

“What? Mr. Ji’s people? Ban them?” Lin Qi smiled and was about to retort, but Ye Shengge grabbed her.

She knew what Lin Qi wanted to say, but she didn’t want Ji Shiting to be involved in such a boring war.

“Since you want this position so much, I’ll give it to you.” Ye Shengge stood up and looked at Lin Qi. “Let’s go next door.”

Ye Shengge’s concession disappointed the audience, and they looked at Cheng Xinyue with more respect.

Cheng Xinyue bit her lips as she watched Ye Shengge leave, feeling jealous and uneasy.

She didn’t believe that woman had dated Mr. Ji before… She had been testing him instead of challenging him.

She hadn’t done anything successful yet, so she didn’t believe Ye Shengge could do it. As for resources… She had gotten a lot of resources from T.S. Corporation, and she had more endorsements than Ye Shengge.

However, that woman was too calm, which made her uncertain.

“The H family’s branding event today is to find a spokesperson, isn’t it?” Cheng Xinyue suddenly said. “That’s why all the people here are fresh faces in the industry this year. It looks like the H family wants to find a rising artist to cooperate with.”

“That’s right,” her agent answered. “Your biggest competitor today is Ye Shengge.”

Cheng Xinyue smiled and said, “Don’t worry, she’s no match for me. Mu Xiaoya told me that the woman really has a big birthmark on her face, but she’s very careful. She’ll always cover it with makeup whenever she goes out so no one will see it.”

Lin Qi was furious in the makeup room next door.

“Why didn’t you let me speak, Sister Shengge? That Cheng Xinyue is despicable!”

“Believe it or not, she might not have seen Shiting at all, but she got an important resource from T.S. Corporation.” Ye Shengge suddenly smiled. “So, she probably thought Shiting was interested in her, so she wanted to find a chance to get promoted. She couldn’t help coming over after seeing the Internet saying I was Ji Shiting’s ex-girlfriend.”

Lin Qi was dazed, then she clapped her hands and said, “That’s right! That must be it!”

“Besides, even if she’s Ji Shiting’s new lover, it has nothing to do with me,” Ye Shengge said.

Lin Qi’s smile immediately fell.

“Don’t be dejected. We still have to try our best to get H Family’s endorsement today.” Ye Shengge smiled. “Shang Tianyi is aiming for Valentino. He doesn’t like H Family, but he’s biting off more than he can chew.”

“Don’t worry. If you want it, the H family’s endorsement will be yours!” Lin Qi patted her chest and said.

The brands were more boring, and the artists’ mission was to walk the red carpet for the photographers to take photos and be interviewed by journalists.

The previous segment had been very smooth, but during the interview segment, the brands had arranged for her together with Cheng Xinyue.

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