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Chapter 63: Ji Shiting Kissed Her After She Sleeps

She recalled that she had agreed to cooperate with Ji Shiting, and she had even broken up with Mu Yanhuai, which made her drink a lot.

It seemed that she had not only gotten drunk, but also fell asleep.

And if she recalled correctly, she had even dreamt of that man kissing her after she fell asleep.

Ye Shengge blushed as she lifted her blanket and sat up.

“You’re awake?” The man looked up.

“My apologies, Mr. Ji.” Ye Shengge was embarrassed. “I got intoxicated…”

“Since you are awake, let’s go.” Ji Shiting closed the file in his hands. “I’ll ask someone to send you back.”

Ye Shengge was dazed. Did he stay by her side just to let her sleep well?

“What happened?” Ji Shiting saw her spacing out and raised his eyebrows.

Ye Shengge was touched. “You’re such a nice guy, Mr. Ji.”

Nice guy? She had said that to him several times already.

Ji Shiting snickered inwardly, but he still appeared calm on the outside.

“Mhmm, We’ll be partners in the future after all.” He smiled, opened the door, and gestured for her to leave.

Ji Shiting got another driver to send her back.

Ye Shengge realized that her lips were hurting after she got in the car.

She raised her hand to touch. It was indeed a little swollen.

She suddenly recalled the dream she had and had a muddled look on her face.

Was it really a dream?

But… If it wasn’t a dream, would Ji Shiting have kissed her after she fell asleep?

No way! How could Ji Shiting do something like that?

Ye Shengge immediately denied this conjecture. However, she couldn’t help blushing at hat thought. Even her ears felt like they were burning up.

She slapped her own face hard.

To divert her attention, she extracted her phone from her bag, turned it on and countless unread messages popped up. Most of them were from Mu Yanhuai, and some of them were from Ye Siyan.

She ignored Mu Yanhuai’s message, blacklisted his number, and clicked on Ye Siyan’s message.

This girl was urging Ye Shengge for a chance to act.

Ji Shiting had said that Corporation T.S. would be able to invest as much as she invested, so she needed to garner as much cash as possible.

Star Brilliance’s shares weren’t easy to transfer, but Ye Siyan had easily available cash.

Ye Shengge smiled and told the driver to take her back to Ming Building. She then picked up the legal contract signed by Ye Siyan and called a taxi to the Ye Family’s home.

Ye Shengge had thrown her into Star Brilliance’s rookie training department ever since Ye Siyan signed the contract. However, Ye Siyan refused to stay for long, probably because the tutors were too strict, so Ye Shengge hired a fitness instructor to teach her.

When Ye Shengge arrived at Ye’s house, the girl was currently busy doing squats. Seeing that flushing face, Ye Shengge couldn’t help feeling a little for her.

“Here you are, Big Sister Shengge!” Ye Siyan ran to her excitedly. “Can I audition now?”

“Where are your parents?” Ye Shengge beamed.

“Dad went to work, and mom went to an abroad studies agency.” Ye Siyan looked upset. “She still wants to send me overseas.”

Ye Shengge was surprised. “You haven’t told Uncle and Aunt yet?”

“I’ll find a chance to tell them!” Ye Siyan said impatiently. “They won’t be able to do anything as long as I can act.”

“Uhh…” Ye Shengge frowned awkwardly.

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