Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 633

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Chapter 633: Just Because He Doesn’t Mind It Doesn’t Mean He Won’t Take Offense

“Forget it. Shiting won’t agree,” Yu Shuhang said. “I don’t like strangers either.”

Qiao Yanze leaned against the sofa and said, “In the end, I can only be with you two single men.”

“Shiting, it was all over the Internet recently that you are getting married,” Yu Shuhang suddenly said. “Is that true?”

“Kind of.” Ji Shiting curled his lips.

“Who do you want to marry?” Yu Shuhang sounded desperate.

“It’s not Ling Yutong.” Ji Shiting shot him a glance.

Yu Shuhang was dazed. “I know you accompanied Yutong to Santorini…”

“Um, that’s just an excuse,” Ji Shiting admitted. “I’m going to see Shengge.”

Yu Shuhang was shocked.

“I told you, I have nothing to do with her anymore.” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow. “It was her suggestion to go to Santorini. She knows Ye Shengge is there. You know what that means.”

Yu Shuhang suddenly laughed.

“I know.” He drained his glass. “Thank you.”

Ji Shiting looked at Qiao Yanze and said, “It looks like you’re the only one who’s single.”

Qiao Yanze stroked his forehead and said, “Tch, even if Shuhang is no longer single, you’ll still be with me.”

“Didn’t I say I’m getting married soon?” Ji Shiting smiled. “There’s a wedding, and I’ll send you an invitation.”

“There’s no bride. Why are you getting married?” Qiao Yanze sneered.

“Can’t you tell? Shiting’s marriage partner can only be Ye Shengge.” Yu Shuhang looked at him sympathetically. “Don’t be sad. No one will stop you from finding any escorts without us.”

Qiao Yanze’s face twisted. After a while, he cursed.

At this moment, Ji Shiting’s phone rang.

He picked up his phone and browsed through it.

He stared at the last photo. The woman looked pitiful after removing her makeup.

He tugged at his collar and took a deep breath.

It had been more than twenty days since she had gotten drunk.

Which meant he hadn’t touched her in almost a month.

The man swallowed hard and looked pensive.

After a while, he stood up and said, “I’ll head back first.”

They didn’t stop him.

Qiao Yanze looked at Yu Shuhang and said, “To be honest, Shuhang, I know how obsessed you are with Ling Yutong, but she already has a child…”

“I don’t mind.” Yu Shuhang looked at him and smiled. “It’s your business if you want to continue playing. Don’t try to drag me down. I’m a stay-at-home man, and I like kids very much, even if we’re not related by blood.”

Qiao Yanze was rendered speechless.

It was almost midnight after the event.

Ye Shengge felt exhausted after changing into her regular clothes.

She bumped into Cheng Xinyue when she walked out of the event venue.

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “It’s one thing for you to defame me, but how dare you implicate Mr. Ji? That’s right. He didn’t do anything about the scandal between me and him, but that’s because I’m the one in the scandal. Just because he doesn’t mind it doesn’t mean he won’t take offense.”

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