Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 638

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Chapter 638: Whose Child Is It?

After reaching home, Lin Qi couldn’t help saying, “Sister Shengge, go to the bathroom! The instructions are on there!”

Lin Qi then handed her the pregnancy test kit.

Ye Shengge’s hands trembled as she took it.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, then she turned around and went to the bathroom.

The way to use the pregnancy test was simple. Ye Shengge followed the instructions but didn’t dare look at it.

She closed her eyes for half a minute before opening them.

She was dazed upon seeing the two lines.

She didn’t give up. She opened and closed her eyes several times, but nothing changed. She took another look at the instructions. That’s right. Two lines meant she was pregnant.


Ye Shengge’s face paled, and she fell onto the toilet lid, dazed.

That meant that a man had entered her room that night, and she hadn’t been hallucinating.

But… Who was it?

Although she felt that the man was Ji Shiting, it was probably her imagination after getting drunk. She missed him so much that she thought of others as him.

She couldn’t help wanting to call Ji Shiting and ask if he was the man that night, but… It would be fine if it was him, but if it wasn’t him, Ji Shiting would know that she had slept with another man. That man would definitely go crazy, and she couldn’t bear the consequences.

Ye Shengge’s face paled. She felt like she was going crazy.

Who was it? Was it Mike or some man coveting her?

It was ridiculous. She was pregnant, but she didn’t even know who the father of the child was.

Perhaps because she had been in the bathroom for too long, Lin Qi couldn’t help pushing the door open.

“How is it, Sister Shengge?”

Ye Shengge didn’t say anything. She handed over the pregnancy test kit on her phone. Lin Qi took a look and screamed, “Oh my god! Sister Shengge! You’re really pregnant! Please tell Mr. Ji!”

“No…” Ye Shengge covered her face and didn’t have the strength to speak.” I don’t know whose child it is. It was the night I got drunk. I… don’t remember anything. ”

Lin Qi was shocked. “That means the child might not be Mr. Ji’s…”

Ye Shengge shivered, but she still nodded and said, “That’s right. So… don’t let him know about this.”

“I understand, I understand…” Lin Qi was a bit dazed.” What should we do now? Sister Shengge, do you want to keep the child? ”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

She subconsciously put her hand on her belly. There was actually a small life inside, and she didn’t feel that it was real at all.

Should she keep it?

She didn’t even know who the father of the child was. It wouldn’t matter if the child was Ji Shiting’s, but if it wasn’t… how could she give birth to the child so easily?

Besides, she was still a patient. If the second personality knew that this body was giving birth to a child, would she be able to accept it? Would she kill it?

There were too many unknowns that made Ye Shengge confused.

At the same time, Ji Shiting walked into the convenience store.

The convenience store was very quiet at this time, and there was only a cashier playing with her phone.

The man knocked on the cashier and said, “Hello, do you remember what that girl bought here?”

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