Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 658

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Chapter 658: You’re No Longer in the Entertainment Industry

Lin Qi was so pissed that she wanted to beat the woman up. “Can you get lost? All you did was get on the final list. Look at how smug you are! Our Sister Shengge and Director Chen weren’t like you when they signed the contract. Wild chickens love to add scenes for themselves!”

Cheng Xinyue’s expression finally changed. She pointed at Lin Qi and said, “Try saying that again, damn girl.”


“Lin Qi.” Ye Shengge finally stopped her. She looked up and opened her eyes. “Let’s go back.”

She then grabbed Lin Qi’s arm and stood up.

Lin Qi’s heart ached seeing her frown. She immediately held her and let her put most of her weight on herself. “Okay, let’s go back and rest. Let’s ignore this wild chicken!”

Cheng Xinyue couldn’t help raising an eyebrow.

She then realized how terrible Ye Shengge’s face looked. After being shocked, she suddenly felt delighted.

“Ye Shengge.” She curled her lips and smiled. “It looks like this audition made you very upset. I heard what Producer Chu said. Actually, you were qualified to be on the final list, but you failed because of Mr. Ji’s instructions… No wonder you were so upset. Sigh, it’s a pity that you offended Mr. Ji. How are you going to survive in the entertainment world in the future? It was all because of Mr. Ji that you could play the role of Xue Ning and act in Chen Anzhi’s movie. In the future, all these resources will fall to me. I’m sorry.”

She sounded condescending and pitiful.

Ye Shengge finally looked at her calmly.

Cheng Xinyue’s heart skipped a beat as if she had been overwhelmed by that woman.

“You keep calling him Mr. Ji.” Ye Shengge looked at her. “Have you seen him before? Do you know what he looks like?”

Cheng Xinyue’s expression changed.

The audition had ended, and she hadn’t left because she still remembered what her agent had told her: Mr. Ji had arranged for the audition to be held in T.S. Building, perhaps to see you.

Thus, she was still waiting, thinking that Mr. Ji might send someone to invite him up later.

She couldn’t help feeling furious upon hearing Ye Shengge’s calm tone.

“It doesn’t matter whether I’ve met Mr. Ji or not. At least the role is mine and the endorsement is mine.” Cheng Xinyue sneered and lifted her chin. “As for you, just stay wherever you want to be. You don’t have a place in the entertainment world anymore!”

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered, and her face paled.

Lin Qi couldn’t take it anymore. “Ms. Cheng, can’t you see that our Sister Shengge doesn’t want to talk to you at all? Aren’t you despicable?”

“Damn girl!” Cheng Xinyue was furious. Seeing that there was no one around, she slapped Lin Qi.

Lin Qi was holding Ye Shengge, so she didn’t have time to block it. She thought she was going to get slapped and closed her eyes, but the slap didn’t come.

Lin Qi opened her eyes and realized that Ye Shengge had grabbed Cheng Xinyue’s wrist. This action made her tired body even more exhausted. She bit her lips and stared at Cheng Xinyue. “Ms. Cheng, there are surveillance cameras in the hallway. Please respect yourself.”

Cheng Xinyue glared at her, then she grabbed Ye Shengge’s wrist and pushed it.

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