Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 660

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Chapter 660: Which Woman Wants to Marry You?

Sun Ye drove fast, and Lin Qi was still in the passenger seat, but she couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Ji, is Sister Shengge’s child really yours?”

Ji Shiting closed his eyes and said, “Yes.”

Lin Qi’s eyes widened. “Then… Then why didn’t you say so earlier? Do you know how much Sister Shengge has suffered these days? Her pregnancy reaction is very strong, and she hasn’t been getting any food these days… She forced herself to come for the audition today, but she failed. Do you know how upset she was?”

Ji Shiting felt pain even when he breathed.

“It’s my fault.” The man’s voice was hoarse. He swallowed hard and kissed the woman’s pale lips.

Sun Ye couldn’t help saying, “The president doesn’t know that Madam is pregnant either… Why didn’t you say so?”

“We don’t even know who the father is. What do you mean?” Lin Qi glared back.

Sun Ye had to give up. “Lower your voice. Don’t disturb Madam.”

Lin Qi was so furious that she didn’t even care about Ji Shiting’s power. She said, “It might not be a bad thing for Sister Shengge if she can’t keep the child. At least she can eat and drink well and won’t have to suffer anymore.”

Ji Shiting didn’t say anything, but his breathing got heavier.

Sun Ye wanted to kneel down to her. He glared at Lin Qi and said, “I beg you to stop talking!”

If Madam couldn’t keep the child in her stomach, the president would probably go crazy. If Cheng Xinyue hadn’t been spoiled by all the acting opportunities and endorsements, she wouldn’t have picked on Madam. Thus, Madam’s fall was largely caused by the president.

Sun Ye couldn’t imagine what his boss would be like. He could only pray to the gods that they would protect his wife’s child.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at Jing’an Hospital. The medical staff were already waiting there, so Ye Shengge was sent to the ward immediately. Ji Shiting was still by her side, holding her hand tightly. He pursed his lips, and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked terrifying.

The older nurse was a bit scared. She immediately lifted Ye Shengge’s dress and took a look. She then breathed a sigh of relief and said, “There’s no blood. Don’t worry, Mr. Ji. If the patient is really pregnant, the child should be fine.”

Ji Shiting’s breathing became rapid. He put Ye Shengge’s hand to his lips, and his hands trembled.

Sun Ye heaved a sigh of relief, but Lin Qi looked disappointed.

“Stop spouting nonsense, girl!” He glared at her.

“That’s because you didn’t see how hard it was for Sister Shengge.” Lin Qi didn’t want to be outdone. “We all urged Sister Shengge to abort the child, but she couldn’t bear to… Even if the child’s father is Mr. Ji, I don’t agree with her giving birth.”

“You…” Sun Ye was furious.” Can you please spare all of us? ”

“You’re a man, and you won’t suffer getting pregnant in this lifetime. It’s easy for you to say that, but you’re really selfish and cold-blooded. Which woman would be so unlucky to marry you?” Lin Qi glared at him.

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