Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 669

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Chapter 669: Tears Come As They Please

“I won’t run unless you force me.” Ye Shengge looked at him seriously. “If you still insist on spending the night with me like before, I might really run away with your child.”

“Are you threatening me?” Ji Shiting stared at her.

“I’m coaxing you,” Ye Shengge said as she patted his shoulder. “Ji Shiting, be good. You have to listen to Dr. Song.”

Ji Shiting gritted his teeth and bit the woman’s lips.

Ye Shengge screamed and pushed him. “You haven’t agreed yet.”

The man glared at her and said, “Don’t worry. I’m really afraid that you’ll run away with the child!”

Ji Shiting knew that she wasn’t kidding as she had run away once.

Thus, even if he was indignant, he could only compromise.

Ye Shengge was relieved and kissed his chin.

The man’s gloomy expression finally relaxed. He grabbed her hands and covered her belly, as if he wanted to feel the baby.

“Are you going to tell grandpa about my pregnancy?” Ye Shengge looked at him.

“No.” Ji Shiting shook his head. “Let’s not tell him yet.”

Ye Shengge blinked and said, “Seems like you also know that Grandpa won’t accept me.”

That man had said that his grandpa couldn’t wait to take her back.

“I just don’t want him to worry.” Ji Shiting flicked her forehead. “Most importantly, it doesn’t matter whether he can accept you or not. You’re my woman. It’s enough as long as I’m willing.”

Ye Shengge snorted and said, “Who says I’m your woman? We’ve already divorced…”

“Shut up!” Ji Shiting couldn’t stand hearing that word. He sneered, “Don’t forget you’re pregnant with my child!”

Ye Shengge bit her lips and said, “You yelled at me…”

The man froze. He saw the woman’s eyes redden and was at a loss.

“I’m not…” Ji Shiting frowned and comforted her.” It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Don’t cry. Crying too much during pregnancy is bad for your eyes. ”

Ye Shengge didn’t say anything but bit her lips. Mist gathered in her eyes, and she looked aggrieved.

Ji Shiting was dazed.

The woman couldn’t stop crying. She couldn’t be beaten or scolded. The problem was, was he really being fierce to her?

Ji Shiting pursed his lips and thought for a bit. He had to admit that his attitude just now wasn’t good. Speaking of which, he had often treated her like this in the past, but at least before today, she had never fussed with him, so he had never felt anything wrong.

Perhaps it was because her pregnancy had made her sensitive, but she was starting to mind things that she hadn’t thought about before.

Or perhaps it wasn’t that she didn’t want to argue with him in the past, but she didn’t dare. Now that she had the confidence, she didn’t want to suffer anymore.

Ji Shiting felt guilty. He grabbed her hand and put it to his lips. “I’m sorry. I’ll let you punish me, okay?”

Ye Shengge’s eyes widened in surprise.

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