Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 680

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Chapter 680: Is This Child…an accident for You?

“You said last time whether I refused you because I was certain you would wait for me. That way, I won’t have to bear the moral shackles.” Her voice was hoarse. “I think you’re right.”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“We have a child now. I know it’s even more impossible for you to let go.” She smiled bitterly. “It’ll seem hypocritical if I continue to ask you not to wait for me, right?”

“Then, will you continue asking?” He said.

Ye Shengge shook her head and hugged his neck. She suddenly choked, “I thought I would be satisfied with having a baby, but… no one can fill the place in my heart. So, I can’t lie to myself anymore. I… hope you can wait for me. It won’t take long. A year is enough. I’m confident.”

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and his eyes dimmed. After a while, he chuckled and said, “Okay, ten years won’t be a problem, let alone a year. As long as you don’t push me away.”

Ye Shengge’s eyes welled up with tears.

“You have to tell me if you regret it one day.” She choked and continued. “I won’t blame you, and neither will the baby.”

Ji Shiting put his hand on her belly, but he didn’t scold her like he usually did. Instead, he said, “Okay, I promise you. If I regret it one day, I’ll definitely tell you.”

He knew that this day wouldn’t come, and so did that woman.

However, she needed to say that, otherwise, she wouldn’t be at ease.

Perhaps his persistence had finally made her realize his determination, or perhaps the baby had softened her, and the woman was finally willing to let go. Thus, he would cooperate with her with all his patience, as long as she could feel at ease.

“Ji Shiting, is this child… an accident for you?” She couldn’t help asking.

He was dazed, then he smiled and said, “It was an accident, but not completely. I did think of the possibility of getting you pregnant, but I didn’t have much hope. I didn’t expect to be so lucky.”

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

She was also more certain that the man hadn’t taken any precautions that night.

“No, I don’t think I’m lucky.” The man thought for a bit and smiled. “It only means I’m indeed amazing.”

Ye Shengge glared at him.

However, her heart ached seeing his gentle smile.

She suddenly looked up and kissed his lips.

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and kissed her back.

He wanted to deepen the kiss, but because of her body condition, he could only control himself. The man took a deep breath and let go of her lips, turning to nibble her neck.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help biting her lips to suppress the sound.

The man hugged her tightly, so Ye Shengge could feel his tense muscles with strength. It was this strength that made her hurt and afraid.

“Ji Shiting…” She couldn’t help calling his name.

He let her go and hugged her tightly, trying to comfort his desire.

Ye Shengge hesitated and reached out her right hand.

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