Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 685

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Chapter 685: Untitled

In another villa a street away.

The light in the bedroom was very bright. The woman’s well-proportioned body was almost transparent under the light. She was pressed under the man, and her eyes were closed. She bit her lips, and she looked like she was being held back.

Qiao Yanze pressed against her and stopped. “Is sex with me making you suffer so much?”

Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered and she opened her eyes, but there was no desire in them.

“What do you want me to do?” She said, “To please you like a wh*re?”

Qiao Yanze frowned.

That’s right. He had finally forced that woman to bow down to him, and she had even had to lie on his bed and be intimate with him.

However, the woman’s body was unusually cold. No matter how he kissed her, she couldn’t get warm. No matter what he did, there was only one expression on her face—tolerance.

It was as if she had lost all her fun.

This woman had once been enough to drive men crazy in bed. She was either passionate, bold, or tactful. No matter what, she was always very devoted, which made Qiao Yanze want to die from her.

The man’s Adam’s apple couldn’t help moving as he recalled how the woman had twisted her waist and looked at him, but then, he felt resentful.

He had finally taken her again, but he didn’t feel satisfied at all. Instead, he felt angrier and more helpless.

Her body would never be moved by him again.

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips and stared at the woman’s dark eyes. He sneered and grabbed her waist.

Li Yinian couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed his shoulders and frowned.

Qiao Yanze stared at her pained face and felt satisfied. At least that woman still knew pain.

It would be good if he couldn’t make her happy and hurt her.

He took a deep breath and bit her lips until they bled.

However, the woman didn’t say anything. She just whimpered like a kitten, which made his heart soften.

Qiao Yanze grabbed her waist, picked her up and let her sit on him.

Li Yinian couldn’t take it anymore. She was shaking from the pain, and her slender neck was raised. The man couldn’t control himself.

“I don’t have a condom.” Qiao Yanze bit her chin and smiled. “Do you still want it?”

Her eyelashes fluttered, and she said, “Whatever you want.”

She resigned herself to fate.

“Will you give birth if you get pregnant?” Qiao Yanze held her face, and the woman’s forehead was covered in sweat. “Shiting is going to be a father. It’s annoying how he flaunts.”

“No.” Li Yinian bit her lips. “If I get pregnant, I’ll abort it.”

Qiao Yanze took a deep breath, and his pupils contracted.

The desire and coldness on the man’s face were terrifying.

Qiao Yanze knew that she wasn’t kidding.

“Li Yinian.” The man called her name, smiling. “The more I want to get you pregnant when you say it like that.”

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