Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: Even If I Have Regressed

“Seems like I’m right again.” Li Yinian held the man’s face and smiled charmingly. “Qiao Yanze, you already love me so much you can’t help yourself.”

Qiao Yanze gritted his teeth and denied, “Can’t help yourself? Are you kidding me?”

“All the celebrities in Yang City know that you can’t forget me. After I left the Li family, all the men who claimed to love me disappeared. Did you do it, so no one dares to come looking for me?” Li Yinian smiled and stroked the man’s back. “I have many officials under my skirt, but there are few as stubborn as you.”

Qiao Yanze’s handsome face was gloomy.

He didn’t say anything, but he separated the woman’s legs and inserted into her again.

Li Yinian took a deep breath and smiled.

“Do you still have any reaction when I laugh at you?” She panted, bit her lips and groaned. “Qiao Yanze, do you know… what it means to be cheap?”

The woman seemed determined to attack him.

Normal men wouldn’t be able to stand that kind of mocking or pity, but Qiao Yanze was still excited despite being furious.

He suddenly moved away, turned the woman around and entered her from behind.

Li Yinian couldn’t help trembling.

Qiao Yanze leaned against her back and kissed the woman’s soft back. “Li Yinian, this doesn’t work on me. You’re right. I’m cheap.”

Li Yinian was rendered speechless by his actions. It was a humiliating position, but it was also very exciting. She could even feel the outline of the man’s abs as she was forced to hit him.

She bit her lips. No matter how rational she was, her body still reacted instinctively.

Qiao Yanze noticed it.

He chuckled and kissed her neck and shoulders. “I thought you were already cold, but it turns out you’re not.”

Li Yinian clenched her fists but couldn’t say anything.

“Even if I take a step back, I can still make you cry.” Qiao Yanze sneered.

Li Yinian didn’t cry, but she couldn’t help tearing up.

Qiao Yanze kissed away her tears.

“Don’t expect me to let you go, Li Yinian.” He bit the woman’s lips and said hoarsely. “You’d better be good before I get sick of you. Don’t provoke other men.”

He knew that the woman was a seductress. She had been in the entertainment world for less than half a year, and she had attracted many rotten romances. He had dealt with them in private, but he had accumulated a lot of grievances.

Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered, and she finally opened her eyes to meet the man’s.

Qiao Yanze was undoubtedly a good-looking man, but because of his slightly upturned eyes, the man’s aura became flirtatious. When he smiled, it was more seductive, but also seductive. It seemed completely logical that he was a playboy.

That was the truth. He had never lacked women around him. Everyone said that Fourth Young Master Qiao was a playboy, and no woman could stop him. However, Li Yinian knew that the man was just bored the moment she saw him.

How could she be promiscuous?

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