Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 692

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Chapter 692: Did Something Bad Out of Good Intentions

Ye Shengge was relieved to see the chain on her wrist.

“Can I undo it for you now?” The man asked patiently.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and nodded.

Ji Shiting grabbed her and hugged Ye Shengge after freeing her from the restraints.

“How did you sleep last night?” He held her face.

“Not bad. At least I didn’t wake up in the middle,” Ye Shengge said honestly.

It was already a blessing for her to be able to sleep until dawn.

“That’s good.” The man relaxed his eyebrows. “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Huh? Why?” She was shocked.

“I can’t sleep at the thought of me being a father.” Ji Shiting put his hand on her belly. His usual calm face showed a sign of nervousness. “I don’t know how to teach a child.”

“I don’t know either.” Ye Shengge suddenly found it amusing. “We can learn it slowly.”

“Mm.” He nodded. “That’s why I’ve been reading the related research all night, as well as the pregnancy and infant guides. Don’t worry with me around.”

The man’s serious expression softened her heart.

She smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

Ye Shengge retched again when she went to the bathroom to wash up. Ji Shiting frowned, but he couldn’t do anything except hug and comfort her.

He was irritated with the helplessness, but he didn’t want his emotions to affect her, so Ji Shiting could only suppress it.

Fortunately, Ye Shengge was already calm. She saw the man trying to suppress his anger through the mirror, and she suddenly felt better.

“Let’s go have breakfast.” She grabbed his hand with a smile.

Breakfast was prepared by a chef Sun Ye had hired. There was a big spread, and Sun Ye reckoned that there would be one or two things that Madam loved to eat.

However Ye Shengge clutched her chest uncomfortably when she saw the table full of food.

“Take it away…” She was almost out of breath.” I want to puke again. ”

Ji Shiting hugged her and glared at Sun Ye. “Remove it!”

Lin Qi looked like she had been holding it in for a long time. She yelled at Sun Ye as she packed breakfast, “I told you before, didn’t I? Sister Shengge will only feel worse seeing so many things. You just didn’t believe me!”

Sun Ye hadn’t expected himself to be reprimanded this badly by Lin Qi after making a mistake.

A few minutes later, most of the food in the living room finally disappeared, and Ye Shengge seemed to be in better shape.

She could only drink a few mouthfuls of water and couldn’t eat anything.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips as he saw her pale face. Sun Ye couldn’t help trembling.

He immediately nudged Lin Qi and said, “Think of a way! What does Madam usually eat?”

“There’s no choice. If there was a way, would Sister Shengge have lost so much weight?” Lin Qi bit her lips and looked worried. “Sigh, it’s a pity that Ms. Li went to the company. Sister Shengge can eat some of the food she makes.”

Ji Shiting immediately looked over and said, “Really? Call her immediately and ask her to come back.”

Ye Shengge nudged the man beside her and said, “Don’t. She has her job. How can she stay at home and cook for me?”

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