Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 702

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Chapter 702: Why Can You Get Him If I Can’t Have Shiting?

Ye Shengge was shocked when she arrived at the TV station.

The staff were being too considerate to her. Other than the makeup artist and the director, no one was allowed to disturb her. There were all kinds of hot water and food, and they were afraid that she would starve. They even took three breaks during the recording as if they were afraid of tiring her out.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help sighing at Lin Qi. “Lin Qi, am I famous? This is the treatment of a big shot, right?”

“Even big shots don’t get such treatment, do they?” Lin Qi thought for a bit. “I think it’s Mr. Ji who informed the TV station’s higher ups.”

Ye Shengge was dazed. She had to admit that was the most likely scenario.

“I thought my charm had subdued all the staff in the TV station.” She sighed.

“Sister Shengge, you’ve subdued Mr. Ji alone, which is equivalent to conquering the entire Yang City,” Lin Qi said solemnly.

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

After the recording, Ye Shengge went back to the makeup room to remove her makeup. She was pregnant, so she didn’t dare wear her makeup for too long.

Lin Qi was humming as she packed her things.

When someone pushed the door open, they both thought it was a staff member of the TV station, so they didn’t take it to heart. Lin Qi said, “We don’t need anything now. You can go take a break.”

The woman chuckled.

Ye Shengge then saw the woman in the mirror.

She was shocked. She stood up and turned around, “Xie Siqi?”

Who else could it be but Xie Siqi?

She was wearing a long white dress, and her smile was filled with contempt and jealousy.

“It’s not easy but I’ve finally bumped into you in person.” Xie Siqi smiled. “Long time no see.”

Lin Qi finally realized what was going on after hearing the hostile tone. She jumped to Ye Shengge’s side and looked at Xie Siqi warily.

“I heard you’re going to marry Xiao Ruilang.” Ye Shengge was relieved. “Congratulations. You two are really compatible.”

Xie Siqi’s face twisted.

She couldn’t figure out why Xiao Ruilang, that lunatic, would mention the engagement again. Her father saw that Xiao Ruilang wanted to marry her, and he didn’t care about her wishes at all. He quickly arranged a marriage date with Xiao Ruilang and announced it to everyone. By the time she realized it, she was definitely going to marry Xiao Ruilang.

How could she take it lying down?

“I know you and Shiting are still unrelated,” Xie Siqi said as she looked at her belly. “Do you really think Grandpa can accept you and get back together with Shiting just because of this child?”

Ye Shengge covered her belly and stopped smiling. She hadn’t expected Xie Siqi to know about her pregnancy.

“What do you want?” Ye Shengge looked at her coldly.

Xie Siqi chuckled.

“How can you get Shiting if I can’t have him?” Xie Siqi said. “I will rather die than marry Xiao Ruilang.”

Ye Shengge’s eyes widened.

Xie Siqi didn’t look like she was here to cause trouble. That woman was a bit crazy.

Lin Qi’s expression changed. She stood in front of Ye Shengge and rolled up her sleeves. “Don’t be afraid, Sister Shengge. She won’t be able to touch you with me around.”

Xie Siqi smiled and said, “I don’t have to touch you.”

She then raised her right hand and aimed the gun at them.

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