Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 707

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Chapter 707: I’ll Promise You If I Have Fun

Lin Qi was thrilled. “Then… Can you not hurt anyone in the future? As long as you don’t hurt anyone, we all like you!”

“Humph, I don’t care.”

“I still like you even if you don’t care. You just stole the gun from Xie Siqi. You saved me,” Lin Qi couldn’t help saying.

Actually, Lin Qi felt that her second personality was rather cute as long as she didn’t hurt someone for no reason, especially when she had grabbed the gun from Xie Siqi.

“Really?” The woman smiled at her as if she was very happy.

“Really? Why aren’t you afraid?”

“Because I don’t care.” She chuckled. “At most, I’ll get shot.”

Lin Qi choked and said, “I admire you too. You’ll be my idol in the future.”

“But you didn’t even unlock it for me.” The woman looked at her.

“Because I don’t want you to go to prison. If you promise me that you won’t hurt anyone for no reason, I’ll tell Sister Shengge not to tie you up anymore,” Lin Qi said.

“Will you believe me?” She blinked.

“I didn’t believe you when you were tied up, but now, I’ll believe you as long as you say so.” Lin Qi looked at her.

The woman thought for a bit and smiled, “You’re good with words.”

“Do you agree?” Lin Qi looked forward to it.

She could clearly feel that the second personality wasn’t that violent anymore, otherwise, she wouldn’t have let Xie Siqi go so easily. Although she had cut Xie Siqi’s body many times, the hurt was more like a prank. Compared to the cruel and bloodthirsty nature of stabbing Mr. Ji, it was completely different.

“I’ll consider it.” She held her chin and smiled. “Accompany me to the amusement park. If I’m happy, I’ll agree.”

Lin Qi’s face fell.

That afternoon was probably the most terrifying afternoon Lin Qi had ever experienced. Her second personality had probably been locked up for a long time, so she was very excited. Lin Qi was worried that something would happen to the baby, but she was also worried that Ye Shengge would be recognized as a star and cause a commotion.

However, Lin Qi was most worried about her killing intent. After being cut off several times, the woman almost took out her gun, but Lin Qi stopped her.

Fortunately, she didn’t lower herself to Lin Qi’s level. She just snorted and let the people who cut in line go.

Lin Qi was even more touched. Almost all the people who cut the line were men, and Sister Shengge didn’t insist on punishing them. It was a qualitative leap!

They finally returned to the car in the evening.

“Are you having fun, Sister Shengge?” She turned around and looked at her.

However, the woman had fallen asleep on the chair. It seemed that she was exhausted from the afternoon trip.

Lin Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

She wanted to ask the woman if she could stop hurting others, but now, Lin Qi suddenly felt that it didn’t matter whether she agreed or not.

Lin Qi was about to start the car when a row of luxury cars drove over. The Maybach in the lead looked familiar.

Before long, the car stopped and a tall and cold man got out of the car and walked over.

Lin Qi immediately unlocked the car door.

Ji Shiting opened the car door, and the woman fell out of the car. He grabbed her.

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