Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 708

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Chapter 708: Xie Siqi Is Dead?

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The man’s tense face finally relaxed upon seeing the woman’s sleeping face. The woman had been missing for the entire afternoon, and he would go crazy if he couldn’t find her.

“What happened?” He lowered his voice and looked at Lin Ran.

“In the makeup room of the TV station at noon, a woman walked in and pointed a gun at Sister Shengge. Then, Sister Shengge’s second personality came out and subdued that woman. We were all fine.” Lin Ran took out her phone from her bag. “But she refused to pick up the phone, and she didn’t allow me to call you. She insisted on coming to the amusement park to play.”

Ji Shiting frowned and breathed, “Who is it?”

“Um…” Lin Ran shook her head awkwardly.” I don’t know her. ”

She had been too nervous in the afternoon and hadn’t remembered Xie Siqi’s name.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips and hugged the woman tighter.

Lin Ran’s description was simple, but he could imagine how terrified she had been. Fortunately, she was fine, otherwise…

The man’s arms trembled, and he lost control.

The woman in his arms woke up. She blinked and said, “Shiting?”

“It’s me.” The man curled his lips and said gently. “Are you alright now?”

He then unbuckled her seat belt and carried her back to his car.

The woman smiled and said, “Shiting, I have something to tell you.”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

However, before Ye Shengge could say anything, police whistles sounded nearby, and the voice surrounded them.

Ji Shiting looked solemn. He let go of the woman in his arms and said, “Sit tight and don’t come out, okay?”

Ye Shengge’s heart pounded as she saw the police officers getting out of the police car, and she nodded.

Ji Shiting closed the car door and turned around, and the police officers walked to him.

“Mr. Ji.” The police officer was shocked to see him.

“Long time no see, Officer Liu.” Ji Shiting smiled. “Are you here for a case?”

“Yes.” Officer Liu looked at the car. He hesitated for a bit and said, “Is Ms. Ye Shengge in the car? Can you trouble her to get out and come back with us?”

“No.” Ji Shiting looked cold.

“Mr. Ji, it’s like this.” Officer Liu was obviously a bit afraid of him, so he had to explain. “We received a report from the TV station that a Ms. Xie was tied to a chair in Ms. Ye Shengge’s makeup room this morning and died because of blood loss. There were many wounds on her face and neck, and several of them that cut into her aorta…”

Ji Shiting was shocked. “Are you saying Xie Siqi is dead?”

He had guessed that Xie Siqi was the one trying to hurt Shengge, but he hadn’t expected that woman to die just like that!

“That’s right.” Officer Liu took out his phone and opened the photo album. “This is the photo at the scene. You can take a look. The victim died a terrible death… Ms. Ye’s fingerprint was the only one on the knife that led to the victim’s death, so Ms. Ye Shengge is the prime suspect. I hope she can cooperate with us to investigate.”

The man’s face sank as he saw the blood all over the photo.

“Impossible,” Ji Shiting said expressionlessly. “You must be mistaken. This has nothing to do with Shengge.”

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