Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 712

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Chapter 712: Mr. Ji Almost Didn’t Save Her

Officer Liu felt extremely stressed.

“That’s right. Logically speaking, Ms. Ye can be released on bail.” he said carefully. “However, given the nature of this case, I’m afraid I don’t have the right to let her go…”

“That’s not what you said, Officer Liu.” Ji Shiting sneered, put out the cigarette and threw it into the ashtray.

The man’s slow actions made Officer Liu feel pressured.

He could agree to any condition in order to bring Ye Shengge back for questioning, but he couldn’t help feeling guilty after being questioned by Ji Shiting.

“Although Ms. Ye refuses to admit that she’s the murderer, all the evidence points to her,” Officer Liu said. “Even if Ms. Ye is pregnant, a suspect in such a malicious case can’t be bailed out.”

Ji Shiting shot him a cold glance.

Officer Liu’s heart skipped a beat, and at that moment, his phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID and was shocked. He picked up the phone, then glanced at Ji Shiting.

It was the police chief from Yang City, who had asked him to let Ye Shengge go. It had to be Ji Shiting’s doing.

“Now, can you let her go?” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“Please wait a moment. I’ll ask someone to bring Ms. Ye out.” Officer Liu could only swallow his anger.

However, at this moment, a lazy male voice sounded, “Officer Liu, the suspect you’ve detained isn’t an ordinary person. She has a split personality.”

“Shut up,” Ji Shiting said coldly. He stood up and turned to the person. “What do you want, Xiao Ruilang?”

“It’s my duty as a citizen to provide relevant clues,” Xiao Ruilang said slowly. “Besides, the deceased is my fiancée, so I won’t let the murderer go.”

Ji Shiting clenched his fists and smiled, “No wonder you suddenly decided to fulfill your engagement with the Xie family.”

“Mr… Mr. Xiao.” Officer Liu looked at Xiao Ruilang. “You said that the suspect has a dual personality. Is that true? Does that mean it might be her other personality that committed the crime?”

“That’s right. I’ve been hurt before,” Xiao Ruilang said with a smile. “Mr. Ji in front of you was also a victim. I suffered some superficial injuries but Mr. Ji almost died and couldn’t be saved.”

“Is that true, Mr. Ji?” Officer Liu’s voice changed.

No wonder Ye Shengge was so calm. It turned out that she wasn’t the one who had killed him, but her other personality. If that was the case, everything made sense!

It wasn’t something ordinary people could do to leave so many wounds on the dead person.

“No,” Ji Shiting said coldly. “Shengge is very normal. What split personality? That’s nonsense!”

“But Mr. Xiao said…”

“Actually, the real murderer who killed Xie Siqi was Mr. Xiao. He might not have done it himself, but he must’ve sent someone.” Ji Shiting sneered. “Officer Liu, I suggest you use him as a breakthrough point for investigations. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.”

“Brother Shiting, you’re slandering me.” Xiao Ruilang smiled. “Besides, what’s the motive? Why would I kill my fiancée and frame a woman who isn’t related to me?”

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