Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 713

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Chapter 713: She Killed Siqi, My Enemy

“Not related? You’ve been after Shengge for a long time, haven’t you?” Ji Shiting said coldly. He glared at Officer Liu. “Let her go.”

“Mr. Ji, forgive me. With the clues provided by Mr. Xiao, I can’t let Ms. Ye go,” said Officer Liu firmly. “I’ll ask a psychiatrist for an evaluation. If it was really Ms. Ye’s second personality that hurt the deceased, then this second personality’s cruelty and danger is far beyond an ordinary person. For your sake, Mr. Ji, I can’t let Ms. Ye leave here.”

Ji Shiting stared at him and said, “Officer Liu, are you certain you want to give up your career?”

“Mr. Ji, this is my duty. I have to do it even if you threaten me.” Officer Liu was stubborn. “The only thing I can promise you is that I won’t let Ms. Ye be hurt as long as she doesn’t have any violent tendencies.”

Ji Shiting pursed his lips and sneered, “Okay, I hope you remember what you said. You might not be afraid of losing your job, but don’t forget you have a wife and kids. Think about them.”

Officer Liu’s lips twitched. He gritted his teeth and said, “I know.”

Ji Shiting turned around and walked out. He stopped when he passed Xiao Ruilang.

“You never learn your lesson.” Ji Shiting’s voice was cold. “I won’t let you go if anything happens to Shengge.”

Xiao Ruilang smiled and said, “Of course I don’t want anything to happen to sister-in-law.”

After Ji Shiting left, Xiao Ruilang didn’t leave. He was called here to record his statement as someone related to the case.

He smiled and said, “May I see the suspect?”

Officer Liu asked, “Mr. Xiao, what’s your relationship with the suspect?”

“She killed Siqi, which means she’s my enemy,” Xiao Ruilang said.

Officer Liu was a bit suspicious, but he shook his head and said, “No. No one can see her now.”

Xiao Ruilang clicked his tongue and left.

However, he didn’t expect Ji Shiting to still be here, so he was punched twice in the face.

“Who is the murderer?” Ji Shiting pressed him against the car and said coldly.

“Hehe…” Xiao Ruilang took a deep breath and said.” Isn’t it sister-in-law? It’s not surprising at all for her second personality to do such a thing. ”

“Xie Siqi was able to see Shengge thanks to you. But have you ever thought about what would happen if Xie Siqi got what she wanted?” Ji Shiting sneered. “Or did you plan to kill Shengge?”

“I believe sister-in-law won’t disappoint me.” Xiao Ruilang coughed and smiled. “It would be a waste of my efforts if she died so easily.”

Ji Shiting was furious. He clenched his fist, and soon, Xiao Ruilang’s wrist started to creak.

Xiao Ruilang only groaned. He didn’t cry out in pain, nor did he ask for help. He didn’t even struggle.

“You expected the appearance of the second personality. You thought that the second personality wouldn’t let Xie Siqi go, but in reality, she didn’t attack Xie Siqi. Your people found out that Xie Siqi wasn’t dead after she left, so they stabbed her,” Ji Shiting said. “You’d better ask your subordinates to surrender themselves as soon as possible.”

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