Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 715

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Chapter 715: Female Star Ye

Nine at night was when netizens were at their peak.

A certain judge’s official Weibo account suddenly posted that the recently popular actress Ye was suspected of murder.

“…From what I know, the actress is a patient with a dual personality. Her second personality is cruel and ruthless, and the deceased was killed by her second personality.”

The moment the post was released, it was reposted by countless Internet celebrities and trended all over the Internet.

The so-called Actress Ye was too obvious a name. There was no one else besides Ye Shengge who was popular recently.

Dual personality, second personality murder, the kind of plot that could only be seen in movies had actually happened in reality. Even without much details, it could easily attract the attention of netizens, not to mention that this happened to a very female celebrity that was rather popular of late. Netizens were having frenzied discussions all at once.

All the staff members who had worked with Ye Shengge before stood forward to speak up. Some people were more loyal, such as Qin Youhui, who retorted that the so-called second personality was complete nonsense, but there were very few people as loyal as him. Most people felt afraid and gave evidence that Ye Shengge was mentally ill.

However, in the end, the netizens all agreed that if it was true, Ye Shengge was a dangerous person. It didn’t matter whether she was thrown into prison or sent to a mental hospital. The point was that she shouldn’t have freedom anymore. It would be irresponsible to society if she was still allowed to act freely like an ordinary person.

Ling Yutong was from the entertainment world, so she could tell that someone was guiding the public opinion.

It didn’t matter whether Ye Shengge had killed someone or not. What was important was that everyone thought she was dangerous. Even if she proved that Ye Shengge was innocent and avoided prison, it was difficult for her to avoid being sent to a mental facility.

Who was it…? That was such a vicious sentiment!

Xie Siqi thought for a bit and told Little Zheng to stay put. She then rushed out of the room and went to the study to look for Jun Hua.

However, she realized that there was a guest in Jun Hua’s study.

It was Ji Shiting.

The man sat opposite Jun Hua, looking solemn.

Jun Hua looked apologetic.

The two of them heard noises and saw that it was Ling Yutong, so they didn’t attempt to hide the conversation.

“I could’ve let you take Shengge out before the public opinion spread, but now that the public opinion has become like this…” Jun Hua sighed.

“Which means you don’t have a choice, do you?” Ji Shiting said calmly.

“Shengge is the child of my old friend, so I naturally want her to be fine,” Jun Hua said. “The public and journalists are paying attention to this matter. I’ll immediately become the target if I were to let her out.”

“I understand,” Ji Shiting said and smiled. “But what if there’s a greater benefit? How much benefit would it take to cover the damages?”

“What do you mean, Mr. Ji?” Jun Hua’s eyes glinted.

“You can think about it slowly,” Ji Shiting stood up. “Farewell.”

The man walked out of the study and nodded at Ling Yutong’s worried face.

Ling Yutong walked into the study after Ji Shiting left.

“Dad, isn’t Ye Shengge the daughter of your old friend?” She sounded anxious. “Why won’t you help her?”

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