Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 727

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Chapter 727: I Knew You Still Have Me In Your Heart

Jiang Yu suppressed his anger and said, “I’ll leave if you don’t.”

The man turned around.

“Jiang Yu, would you let Ye Shengge go if I say I won’t pester you anymore?” Jing Tong said.

Jiang Yu stopped in his tracks and turned around, “What did you say?”

“I’m a fan of Ye Shengge,” the girl said with a smile. “She’s only a suspect now, and she can be guaranteed bail. People can run, but T.S. Corporation can’t. With Ji Shiting as her guarantor, you can let her go first.”

Jiang Yu looked at her for a while and said, “I don’t want her to be out on bail because I am concerned for Ji Shiting’s safety.”

“Did Ye Shengge show any signs of aggression these days? Did she hurt any of you?” Jing Tong lifted his chin.

Jiang Yu explained calmly, “Her second personality is very good at pretending. She just knows that the time isn’t right, so she restrained herself.”

“You just won’t let her go.” Jing Tong’s eyes lit up. “I knew you still had me in your heart!”

That successfully made the man look uncomfortable. He frowned and said, “You’re mistaken.”

However, the girl rushed over and hugged his waist.

The man was shocked. He grabbed her wrist and yelled, “Let go!”

“You actually enjoy being pestered by me, right? That’s why you feel uncomfortable when you hear that I won’t pester you anymore.” Jing Tong buried his face in the man’s hard chest and rubbed it. “Just say it if you like me.”

The girl’s unique sweetness made him confused.

“I agree!” He blurted out.

The girl immediately retracted her hands and smiled at him. “Will you keep your word?”

After pulling away, Jiang Yu regained his rationality.

He frowned. This was the first time he had been driven crazy.

“Of course,” Jiang Yu said coldly. “I’ll inform Ji Shiting to pick her up tomorrow, but you have to remember to fulfill your promise.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll fulfill my promise now.” Jing Tong smiled and waved at him. “Bye, Brother Jiang Yu!”

The girl’s voice was clear, but she sounded flirtatious when she said ‘Brother Jiang Yu’.

Jiang Yu pursed his lips as he watched the girl walk into the elevator.

The next morning.

Ye Shengge could feel a violent aura in her half-awake state.

[We can leave after killing them all!]

[No, you can’t hurt anyone anymore!]

[I didn’t kill anyone. Why did they frame me? They deserve to die!]

[They don’t trust you because you have a record. They’ll be more afraid of you if you can’t control yourself.]

[You should be afraid of me. You wouldn’t dare hurt me if you were.]

[You’re wrong. If you make everyone afraid of you, they’ll gather and destroy you.]

[I hate how weak you are and always like to preach.]

[But I like you, so I hope everyone won’t misunderstand you again.]

[Humph, I don’t care.]

[But I do.]

Ye Shengge opened her eyes.

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