Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 729

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Chapter 729: Let’s Start Again, Shengge

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “Thank one of your fans. She knows Jiang Yu.”

Ye Shengge’s eyes widened.

The man didn’t explain further. He told the driver, “Return to Qianfan Villa.”

“Let’s return to Jade Spring Palace first,” Ye Shengge said as she leaned against the man’s chest. “Lin Ran and Shang Tianyi must be worried sick.”

Lin Ran could only be a witness, not a suspect, so she was released after recording her statement that day.

Ji Shiting paused and said, “When are you coming back to Qianfan Villa with me?”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “I’ll go back with you after I’m done. Even if Grandpa chases me away, I’ll still cling to you.”

Ji Shiting took a deep breath, held her face and kissed her lips.

As their breathing intertwined, Ye Shengge saw her reflection in the man’s dark eyes.

She suddenly felt sour.

“Did you think I was coaxing you that day?”

“I thought you were acting for those people.” The man smiled. “That’s why I didn’t dare have much hope.”

Ye Shengge’s heart sank.

“Shiting.” She choked. “Why?”

That man was so proud, but why was he so obsessed with her that he was almost humble?

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and put his hand on her belly.

“You don’t even remember what happened that night.” His voice was hoarse. “What you told me after you got drunk. I love and protect you too much. So much that you can’t handle it.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“It’s not because I love and protect you too much that you can’t handle it, but because I’ve been asking for it,” the man said and took a deep breath. “That was when I realized that I needed you more than you did, and you didn’t need me as much as you thought.”

“Shiting, I…”

“I know you’re going to argue back again.” The man smiled. “I need your unconditional love and trust. I need you to give yourself to me completely. You know how greedy I am.”

Ye Shengge hugged him tightly and said, “It’s alright. I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“Actually, you were right to keep it.” His voice was hoarse, and he spoke slowly. “I want you to trust and give it to me, but I failed you.”

“Who said that?” She couldn’t help retorting. “You’ve given me too much.”

“I used to think I was omnipotent.” The man looked at her. “But I couldn’t do anything about your illness. Instead, you suffered pain and torture for nothing.”

“That’s not your fault…”

“It’s my fault for not being able to fulfill my promise.” He smiled self-deprecatingly. “It’s the same this time. I know you’re innocent, but I can’t let others believe you. Instead, you’re always calm and decisive, surprising me time and time again.”

Ye Shengge stared at him, confused because she didn’t know what he was going to say.

“I hope I bring you freedom and happiness, not repression and restraint.” He said, his dark eyes dark. “Let’s start over, Shengge, okay?”

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