Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 733

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Chapter 733: The Person Behind It Is Very Powerful

“Ah, why?” Lin Ran was confused. “Sister Shengge can’t eat outside food.”

Ji Shiting didn’t answer but took out his phone.

Of course he knew. That was why he had torn Qiao Yanze to pieces in his heart.

Ye Shengge immediately understood. She blushed and said, “It’s alright. I can eat anything bland.”

The days in the detention center had relieved her pregnancy symptoms to a certain extent. She was afraid that she wouldn’t have the energy to deal with Officer Liu’s interrogation, so she tried to eat more. Although it was painful, she didn’t spit it out.

However, Qiao Yanze came out of the kitchen after Ji Shiting called Sun Ye.

Everyone looked at him.

Qiao Yanze looked satisfied and let them size him up. It was obvious that he had bullied Li Yinian a lot.

“You look good, sister-in-law,” he commented, glancing at Ye Shengge.

Ji Shiting frowned and looked at the woman beside him. “Go upstairs first. I’ll look for you immediately, okay?”

Ye Shengge nodded. Shang Tianyi saw that the two men wanted to talk, so he dragged Lin Ran away.

Qiao Yanze sat across from Ji Shiting, took out a cigarette box from under the coffee table and handed him a cigarette.

Ji Shiting didn’t take it. “Have you washed your hands?”

“You don’t say,” Qiao Yanze said coldly.

Ji Shiting still looked worried, so he took another cigarette box.

Qiao Yanze snorted, bit the cigarette in his hand and took a deep breath.

“How did you get sister-in-law out?” He threw the lighter over.

Ji Shiting took the lighter and lit up the cigarette. “It’s Ms. Jing. She seems to know how to deal with Jiang Yu.”

“Ms. Jing? When did you meet someone?” Qiao Yanze curled his lips. “Does sister-in-law know?”

Ji Shiting shot him a glance and said, “She’s a fan of Shengge.”

“Tsk… I’ll listen to you if you say that.” Qiao Yanze tapped the cigarette ash. “What do you plan to do next? First, Liu Rong, who’s famous for being stubborn and difficult to deal with, was arranged to take over sister-in-law’s case. Then, everyone from the consul to the Public Security Bureau kept quiet. They would rather offend you than let it go. Obviously, the person behind this is very capable.”

Ji Shiting smoked quietly and didn’t say anything.

He had realized that the day after Shengge was locked up in the detention center. Even his Grandpa’s connections in the capital were useless.

“That’s the weird thing. I didn’t find out anyone that would have this motive.” Ji Shiting leaned against the sofa and frowned. “I can only observe and act weak.”

“That’s why sister-in-law was locked up for so long.” Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow.

“At least that can reduce that person’s apprehension,” Ji Shiting said. “She’ll be safe inside before I investigate.”

“That’s true. Liu Rong is famous for being difficult, and Jiang Yu isn’t inferior to him, but the good thing is that they won’t give you face or anyone else,” Qiao Yanze said. “So, as long as we can find the real culprit, sister-in-law can be cleared of suspicion.”

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