Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 739

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Chapter 739: Freedom Of the Mistress

Qiao Yanze’s face turned sullen. “Xiao Ruilang can come and go as he pleases today. I reckon Jade Spring Palace’s security isn’t tight either. What if a man comes to harass you?”

Li Yinian looked at him in surprise. “Are you talking about yourself?”

“Shut up.” Qiao Yanze’s face turned more petulant.

Ye Shengge tried not to laugh.

She had been worried that Li Yinian would suffer in front of Qiao Yanze, but it seemed that Li Yinian was good at rebutting, especially when she was retorting against Qiao Yanze.

Ji Shiting arrived half an hour later. Ye Shengge’s luggage had already been packed and was placed in the living room.

He walked in and hugged her. “Don’t take what Xiao Ruilang said to heart, okay?”

“Don’t worry. Nothing he says is true. I don’t trust him,” Ye Shengge said.

“Good girl.” Ji Shiting finally relaxed.

He asked the bodyguards to move Ye Shengge’s luggage into the car.

Ye Shengge said goodbye to Li Yinian and told Shang Tianyi and Lin Ran to visit her at Qianfan Villa in the future.

“Can we go?” Lin Ran looked at Ji Shiting cautiously.

“Of course.” Ye Shengge smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep my word. Even if he doesn’t want to, he can’t control me.”

Ji Shiting looked at her.

He had spoiled her rotten, so much so that she even dared to mock him in public.

Ye Shengge ignored it calmly. As the mistress of the house, she definitely had that bit of freedom.

Sure enough, Ji Shiting stared at her for a while before grabbing her waist with a smile. “Shengge is right. You’re always welcome to visit.”

Shang Tianyi looked relieved and heartened like a father whose silly daughter had finally made a name for herself, while Lin Ran looked excited.

After packing, Ye Shengge said goodbye to them once more and got into the car.

Ye Shengge took a deep breath when he held her in his arms.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Shiting smiled and adjusted her collar.

“I’m suddenly a bit nervous…” She bit her lips.

“Are you chickening out, Ye Shengge?” The man’s expression turned cold.

Ye Shengge looked embarrassed. “Not really…”

She wouldn’t back down, but she was still a bit traumatized. Although she was confident that she could control her second personality and not let herself hurt anyone anymore, she couldn’t help but start to suspect herself.

“Tragedy won’t happen a second time with me.” He pressed his thin and warm lips against her eye to kiss it. “Don’t be afraid.”

Ye Shengge took a deep breath and nodded firmly.

She needed to be confident in herself and him.

Ye Shengge saw Grandpa Ji when she arrived at Qianfan Villa.

Ye Shengge lowered her head awkwardly when she made eye contact with him.

However, Grandpa Ji didn’t seem to dislike her.

“You’re back? I’ve been waiting for you guys for a while.” Grandpa Ji looked at her belly. “How far along are you?”

“Two months.” Ye Shengge bit her lips. “Grandpa, I…”

“It’s alright. I know everything,” Grandpa Ji said. “Come on in. It’s dinner time.”

He didn’t stop Ye Shengge anymore, not only because she was pregnant, but also because she had chosen to leave. Thus, Grandpa Ji believed that she should really be fine since she was willing to return. At least, she wouldn’t be in danger anymore.

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