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Chapter 74: Invitation

There were still three days before the shoot started, and in order to get the lead actress into a better state, Xu Xiangjie held a script meeting in his backyard.

Ye Shengge saw Mu Xiaoya the moment she arrived. Mu Xiaoya was sitting beside Qin Youhui, smiling as she muttered something to him.

Qin Youhui had been in idol dramas in the past. Recently, he had been putting in a lot of effort in his acting skills. He was both an idol and a capable actor. This time, he and Mu Xiaoya were the stars of the show.

Qin Youhui noticed her first and waved. Ye Shengge responded with a smile. They had gotten to know each other during the shoot, and perhaps it was because she had performed well that day that Qin Youhui had been friendly to her.

Ye Shengge ignored Mu Xiaoya, sat down on a chair and flipped through the script.

“Tsk…” Mu Xiaoya shot a glance at her script and looked at her contemptuously. “You’ve done a lot of homework, but it’s probably useless.”

Ye Shengge looked at her, surprised.

Mu Xiaoya had always seemed as though she wanted to eat her alive whenever she saw her, but today… she didn’t hate her as much as before. Instead, she seemed to be disdainful.

Tsk… What was happening today? All of them seem to be lofty.

“Let’s practice some lines first first, Mr. Qin.” Ye Shengge couldn’t be bothered with her. She smiled at Qin Youhui.

“I don’t think there’s a need.” Mu Xiaoya sneered before Qin Youhui said anything. “The lead actress is going to be replaced sooner or later.”

Ye Shengge was stunned..

Qin Youhui was also surprised. He looked at Ye Shengge, then at Mu Xiaoya but kept his silence.

“Tsk… Star Brilliance is going to be T.S. Corporation’s subsidiary. ‘Xue Ning’ is a project T.S. Corporation invested in. Of course, the lead actress needs to be from Star Brilliance. Unfortunately, you have nothing to do with Star Brilliance anymore.” Mu Xiaoya said, beaming.

Ye Shengge frowned.

So this was what she was banking on…

“Really? Have T.S. Corporation’s transferred their investment yet?” She smiled.

“Of course not, but it’s only a matter of time.” Mu Xiaoya raised her chin smugly. “The Ji family will have a dinner banquet tomorrow night, and Brother Yanhuai has received an invitation. Only his partners can get an invitation from T.S. Corporation.”

Ye Shengge was shocked. Why hadn’t she heard anything about the Ji family’s dinner banquet?

“I’ve heard about it too.” Qin Youhui smiled. “The Ji family has always kept a low profile. Many celebrities in Xiangyang City received invitations to a dinner banquet this time, and many female celebrities are spending quite a lot of money for this.”

It seemed that what Qin Youhui said was true.

Ye Shengge felt threatened.

It didn’t matter whether she had been invited or not. What was important was why Mu Yanhuai had received the invitation. Was T.S Corporation really going to invest in Star Brilliance? What about her own collaboration with T.S.?

Ye Shengge wanted to call that man and ask but she was worried that she might upset Ji Shiting if she did so.

Mu Xiaoya grinned when she noticed Ye Shengge frowning. She wanted to mock Ye Shengge again but Xu Xiangjie and some other actors had arrived. Thus, Mu Xiaoya could only swallow her words and gloat in private.

“Since everyone is here, let us begin.” Xu Xiangjie didn’t seem surprised at all. He immediately opened the script and asked the lead actor to read his lines.

Ye Shengge felt relieved upon seeing that.

After the script meeting, Xu Xiangjie got Ye Shengge to stay behind.

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